Still, Nuggets coach Michael Malone voiced his trust from Jokic, saying he’s”no doubt” the centre will probably bounce straight back Friday when the clubs meet again at the Pepsi Center.

“He is a guy that I really trust. Obviously speaking, he has surely got to understand the way he’s being played,” Malone said. “That is possibly the largest frustration to night: every time he put the ball right down, these were coming. The turnovers have been probably more bothersome compared to the absence of shooting. I trust Nikola. In case he believes he’s open, he’s going to take it. In case he doesn’t think it’s open, he’s going to produce a drama for someone. Nikola’s been playing at an incredibly high level. Obviously to night was a difficult night for him.”

Jokic had produced double-doubles in eight of his past nine games led into Wednesday’s match up against the Spurs, who constantly attacked the centre with dual teams through the entire evening time. Jokic connected on just 1 of 4 field goal attempts in the first half for 3 points to go with seven assists. However, Jokic also committed two of Denver’s four first-half turnovers because the Nuggets led to the locker room at intermission down 55-53.

Jokic ended with a game-high five turnovers, scoring just 4 points with 10 assists.

“I had been aggressive,” Jokic said. “The people were arriving, when they came toward me, I only threw the ball to another guys. I believe I played not great, but I played fine. We’ll see them again in the subsequent two days”

Jokic’s five shots attached for his third-lowest full of the growing season. Entering this contest, Denver actually possessed a record of 5-1 when Jokic took over 10 shots. The sole loss came from November in a effort in which the centre attempted just 1 shot: a overlook by three seconds remaining and the Nuggets down 2.

After this contest, Mason Plumlee said,”lots of our offense is him through so he has to consider the initiative to take shots” Two days later when Denver faced the Brooklyn Nets, Jokic hoisted up 22 shots, which at the time was a season high and ranks even currently as his second-highest shot full of the season.

“We lost a few different people, the perimeter guys. They really shot some 3-s well. However, we did a very good job on Nikola. He’d aids. When he’s not scoring, he’s assisting for sure. He is a heck of a player”

Together with Jokic practically monopolized by San Antonio’s constant double-teams, the Nuggets relied on strong nights out of Juancho Hernangomez (27 points) and Malik Beasley (22 points) because the team hit 18 attempts from long range in losing.

“They played really good defense on Jokic,” Hernangomez said. “They only took Jokic out of the game. They know he’s our very best player. When they double him on, we must make chances for the remainder of the team, and create shots. We didn’t earn that many shots”

Additional beginner Monte Morris:”I feel like that they were trapping him so much it had been hard for him to receive looks. We were running stuff for him, but he can not take it when you are becoming trapped the moment you touch it. That’s the thing with being just like a big-time all-star. We watched them all tonight. So we know how they’re going to play him the following game”

DeMar DeRozan poured into a game-high 30 points.

“the truth is that: whenever you are down three novices, you want your other two starters to step up and play well,” Malone said. “We just didn’t get this tonight. However, I understand Jamal [Murray] and Nikola will bounce right back and be ready for the upcoming game”

Murray shot of 19 for 9 points, committing two of their team’s 12 turnovers.


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