Petr Yan is likely to definitely make his introduction on U.S. dirt this weekend in UFC 232 at LosAngeles and he also considers a stoppage of Brazilian veteran Douglas Silva de Andrade needs to put him well on path to his goal of securing the bantamweight title.

“It’s huge to compete in American events, as each one the top fights are held in the USA. I’m glad to be part of 2018’s big event, which will be headlined by Jones vs. Gustafsson,” Yan told MMA Fighting.

“After two fights in UFC I’ve got more fans and much more service, I receive a great deal of positive messages and it’s nice to get that sort of support. Now I hope to obtain more Siberian gangster fans within the united states. ”

Although he’s convinced of success, Yan knows that Andrade, that attracts a 25-2-0 record in to the contest, will be no walk at the park, but he’s optimistic his unrelenting style will results at a finish.

“I believe I’ve a significant competitor in front of me who’s good accomplishments from the activity, but I don’t think he is the best fighter I’ve met & it’s hardest fight in my livelihood, all struggles are rough in their particular manner,” he clarified.

“I hope to finish the fight, but it’s not necessarily feasible to achieve it. If I’ll win this fight I believe I will enter the top-15. Naturally my intention is to fight for the title, it is my biggest desire to establish I’m just the best. That’therefore step by step I can enter the title race. ”

On such a short term bill, Yan knows it is going to be difficult to steal the show, but he wouldn’t completely rule out leaving the States with a performance bonus.

“A lot of top fighters may compete [in UFC 232] and I believe there will be a good deal of battles that are exciting. We will see if I will get the bonus. I fight with my heart, try to flaunt all my abilities and should I will get the bonus it will be a terrific gift to get a New Year celebration. ”


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