OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Following every Baltimore Ravens‘ victory, safety Eric Weddle celebrates by ingestion to a gallon of icecream.

If the Ravens can beat the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, Weddle will receive a bigger prize — a seven-figure one.

Weddle earns a $1 million bonus when he reaches that the Pro Bowl and Baltimore makes the playoffs at the exact same season. After making his sixth Pro Bowl earlier this month, Weddle merely needs the Ravens to defeat the Browns to profit.

Even the Ravens’ projected chances are at 82.3 percent, the greatest chances for a team not yet in the postseason.

“I’d trade $1 million dollars to get a chance at the playoffs every second,” Weddle said. “That is just where I am at. It isn’t that I really don’t appreciate capital or just how much money it is, but that is not my incentive to attempt to go to win.”

General manager Ozzie Newsome and assistant GM Eric DeCosta have reminded Weddle about the incentive, so telling him that they will have never wished to pay for $1 million more to someone.

Weddle didn’t know more about the incentive last year until Newsome brought it around him. He lost out on the $1 million in brutal fashion in 20 17.

In past year’s finale, the Ravens were moments within a play off berth until Tyler Boyd scored the winning, 49-yard touchdown on fourth-and-12, raising Cincinnati to a 31-27 triumph over Baltimore.

“I didn’t lose $ 1million. I never had it to begin with,” Weddle said after the match. “But I did get left behind on a chance to win a Super Bowl. That’s what I am mad about.”

Weddle, 33, is third on the NFL’s top-ranked shield in tackles (67) and has recorded just one sack and three passes defensed.

Defensive coordinator Don”Wink” Martindale commended Weddle on his sway on Saturday’s 22-10 upset win on the Chargers. Philip Rivers has been confined by 181 yards death, his fewest in a couple of years.

“He did an outstanding job. It’s mad when a man, I really don’t want to say, doesn’t create a play because that is a poor connotation. But he could be what’s making different individuals make plays by how he’s messing with quarterbacks perhaps not knowing coverages, also he’s orchestrating there on the back end, which is just an invaluable piece into the defense that he supplies he brings.”

The bonus would signify a wonderful bump for Weddle, who is making $6.5 million in salary this season.

“I need the opportunity at becoming the Super Bowl. I also want everyone to experience the playoffs,” Weddle said. “That is where my attention is. It’s merely icing on the cake if we do it.”

Whether it’s ice cream, icing or $1 million, then you can chalk this up into Weddle becoming his just desserts.


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