While Stafford said he had not heard or read about any transaction rumors, he also made it clear he would like to stay with the Lions.

“I think there’s something special about a guy finding a chance to play his entire career in 1 spot,” Stafford said in front of Sunday’s season finale at Green Bay. “Not many guys get to do this these days. I would really like to be one of those guys”

Stafford said he knows he does not have control of that situation, however if it were up to him, he would want to stay.

The Lions signed Stafford into a five-year, $135 million contract extension with $92 million ensured before this 2017 season, with all the first year of this extension coming from 2018.

The Lions, though, would incur a cap hit $30 million should they traded him and would still leave the franchise with no quarterback. So it would leave Detroit with a massive amount of dead money that would likely earn a trade unpalatable for your own organization.

In 2013, Stafford has completed 347 of 523 passes for 3,511 yards, 19 touchdowns and 11 interceptions — his smallest lawns and touchdowns levels since his injury-shortened 2010 season. He’s not missed a game because this season — a streak of 127 consecutive games.

Stafford said he has never been asked to get input on the near future of this organization, from perhaps the Lions (5-10) should keep embattled offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter to other aspects of the team because it moves forward.

It’s another, though, he says he wishes to participate.

When asked if he would really like more input on what are the results with the organization, he said he’s a person”just like everyone else in this locker room”

“Obviously I’ve been using this team for quite a while, found a great deal of people come out,” Stafford said. “Likely have some special outlook on some things but at precisely the same time frame, you understand, those guys’ tasks are solely to do those kind of stuff and my job is to score touchdowns and obtain our crime in the end zone.

“So that is what I will concentrate on.”

Stafford said he does not think about potential shift in the off season, either with him or any such thing with all the franchise.

“I’ve learned in this business to not expect anything, or expect at all,” Stafford said. “It is the same kind of item. I’ve been a part of some teams that have been quite successful and had a lot of turnover and a number of teams that have been less successful and maybe perhaps not much turnover, which means that you never know.

“Not centered onto it at the present time. Determined by enjoying the Packers. Figure all the stuff out when we make it.”


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