Brown also missed Wednesday’s practice with the”trainer’s decision” designation.

Running back James Conner (high ankle sprain) has assembled two directly full practices and may be available for Sunday. Conner, who’s 1-2 rushing touchdowns over the year but has missed three consecutive matches, said that he’s”getting better” but wouldn’t disclose more.

Friday’s practice session will likely probably be crucial to both players. The Steelers on average like to watch injured players go through the majority of Friday’s work as a way to play.

Brown has remained among the league’s strongest pass-catching weapons with 104 captures, 1,297 yards and also an NFL-leading 1-5 touchdowns.

The Steelers are a half-game straight back from the AFC North race and also want help from the Cleveland Browns, that go to Baltimore to play with the division-leading Baltimore Ravens.


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