Coach: Religious Prokop


Key players: Uwe Gensheimer (Left wing), Andreas Wolff (Goal Keeper )


Qualifications information: Co Hosts


Germany enter your home World Championship with a broad group of experienced players who understand what it takes to win a title and the motivation to repeat the feat of this national team in 2007, once they won the World Championship trophy on home ground.

“The expectancy is growing day by day,” says coach Christian Prokop. “Of course, the group of 2007, that became world champions at home ground, is something such as a task model for people. You wish to produce the same air around Germany as they did. You wish to excite the whole county, regardless of if the fans have been in the arena or in your home. ”

Though Germany have had the exact results they may have liked at the last two major international tournaments, the EHF EURO 2018 and the 2017 World Championship, the largely unchanged club had a wonderful year in 2016 once they won the European title followed with the bronze medal at the Olympic Games seven weeks after. The disappointment of being eliminated in the eighth-final period at France 2017 and the main round exit at the EURO 2018 are far from forgotten, and the team is going to be ascertained to go back to the sort of 2016 come January.

“Regardless of the advantage of playing on home ground, we are perhaps not the major golden favorites, as the range of teams with the ambition to lift the trophy has increased enormously from the prior decades. Our performances because the last two major events in France and Croatia were tremendously unsatisfactory, but I am certain we brought the right lessons in the mean time,” says Prokop.

“We could count on a massive pool of strong players and talents, however in contrast to other high nations, we do not have this one star. Therefore, we have to pay that fact with team operation and fighting spirit. ”

Prokop could be correct if that the campaign is dispersed throughout the group with few individual stars, but no one who followed the EHF EURO 2016 could forget the effects of goal keeper Andreas Wolff, who all but singlehandedly won the final against Spain with his unbelievable performance. The team can also rely upon other world-renowned players like sharpshooting leftwing Uwe Gensheimer, who makes periodic appearances at the top scorer lists in both international contests along with his club PSG.

Gensheimer echoes the words of his coach when talking the latest global events where Germany has engaged:

&ldquoWe found terms with the previous events, in that we failed to get so far as we wanted to. We have analysed our mistakes and we all are full of confidence for using your home advantage. By looking back on the EURO in Croatia we found people things that will need to be changed, either in defence or in attack. The principal thing is to do something as team, to fight, to have this craving for success,” claims that the wing, who summarizes the semi finals as the standing goal for Germany in any function.

“I hope that we can catch this unbelievable opportunity to profit from playing on home ground and to fly those wings of success. You wish to spark this fire and then turn the delight of the fans in to the energy that you want to combat for the chords. It’s my dream and aspire to play at Hamburg [the semi-final venue] — as then for sure we belong into the four best teams of the earth. And should we make it into Hamburg, what can be done. ”

Germany might possess some scars staying from recent encounters using a few of these competitions: It was France who beat Germany in the Rio 2016 semi-final, sending them into the bronze-medal match. Also at Rio 2016, Germany unexpectedly lost to Brazil in the first round round. But coach Prokop is convinced that his staff will climb into the challenges: 

“I’m quite satisfied with the competitions we’ve to face from the preliminary round. France are extremely strong and they are the favourites in our category, having not just physical advantages in their own side. Korea and Brazil play with a quick and rather odd type, while we all understand this traditional European hand ball of Russia and Serbia pretty well. I am sure we’ve a fantastic opportunity to make it into the most important around in Cologne. ”

It’s obvious this home World Championship will be something special to Germany — both the team and their coach are prepared to excite the nation and turn that excitement into their very best opportunity for a medal, as the German Handball Federation are focused not just on the consequences but on putting in an outstanding event.

“Of course, the first goal of a hosting federation is always to be always a fantastic host, to create a fantastic atmosphere and full arenas to have the perfect platform to excite people for handball,” says President of the German Handball Federation Andreas Michelmann. “I’m sure all the fans will see highly attractive games in Berlin [Germany’s group phase city]. However, obviously, our hopes do not end at Cologne [the most important round venue]. With the support of 20,000 fans, we would like to make our dream come true to qualify to your semi finals. If we are in Hamburg, we’ve reached our goal — after which that which can be done. ”

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