Daniel Cormier believes UFC Vicepresident of athlete health and performance Jeff Novitzky could be described as considered a bit too near the Jon Jones condition.

Considering news of Jones’s new controversy emerged on the weekendthis moment a drug-testing abnormality detected after an analysis of his last 18 weeks of tests dating back to his very last failure in July 2017, Novitzky has gone to bat for Jones, which makes it crystal clear that the metabolites found in Jones’s system aren’t indicative of a re-ingestion of a forbidden substance. The banned chemical under consideration is Oral-Turinabol, a anabolic steroid that brought Jones to be flagged by the United States Anti-Doping Agency this past year and headed to some 15-month suspension.

The existence of the metabolites were enough to persuade the Nevada State Athletic Commission to deny Jones a license for his forthcoming light heavyweight Principal event bout with Alexandergustafsson in UFC 232 on Saturday, and the series was promptly moved from T-Mobile Arena at Las Vegas to The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., after approval from the California State Athletic Commission.

With all the UFC apparently planning to amazing lengths to preserve Jones’s next struggle, his longtime rival Cormier was forced to take to Insta-gram to poke fun in Jones and Novitzky.

From 2010 2012, Novitzky directed an evaluation to find Armstrong’s usage of performance-enhancing drugs, a complaint that Armstrong would eventually confess to at 2013 despite prosecutors initially dropping the case.

Predicated how Novitzky has defended Jones, Cormier joked that the 2 have been in cahoots.

“this person Jon Jones is such a dirt bag cheater that even Lance Armstrong is weighing ,” Cormier wrote. “Lance is like where the f*ck has been Jeff once I had been going through this shit?

“And boy did Jones turn Jeff Novitzky into his old lady?This could be the craziest shit I’ve seen. And people sending me clips with the dude being sporadically in a press conference. That’s one mad negro! Jeff Novitsky-Jones. ”

Cormier and Jones have battled two separate occasions, with Jones beating him via five-round unanimous decision at UFC 182 and via third-round KO in UFC 2-14 . The latter outcome has been changed to a no-contest when Jones tested positive for Oral-Turinabol.


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