OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Baker Mayfield has often been referred to as cocky, and Lamar Jackson has impressed teammates with his humility. Jackson strikes fear together along with his explosive rate, also Mayfield beats defenses deep with a strong arm and fearlessness.

While Jackson and Mayfield appear as opposite since their draft positions — Mayfield was selected at the peak of the first round and Jackson at the bottom — they’re more similar than most might think.

That is in accordance with tight-end Mark Andrews, certainly one among those very few folks who’d know. In college, Andrews was Mayfield’s favorite pass catcher at Oklahoma. From the NFL, he has become a favorite target for Jackson.

“In terms of style, guys like that have a particular thing about them the ‘It’s Factor,’ I predict it,” Andrews explained. “Theyrsquo;r e some body which you are interested in being around. There’s something about them that makes people gravitate towards them. They have that. I believe speaks a lot to who they are and that which theyrsquo;re all about.”

Jackson and the Ravens (96 ) can clinch what’s been an evasive AFC North title with a win. Mayfield along with the Browns (7-7-1) can secure an even more evasive winning record by beating Baltimore.

It’ll mark the first time at the Super Bowl era that two first-round quarterbacks face off as rookies at the last match of a season, in accordance with ESPN Stats & Information.

Despite the fact that Jackson and Mayfield have never played against each other on the area, they’ve gone against one another over recent years. In 2017, Mayfield won the Heisman and Jackson ended third.

Does it feel as though Jackson has recently competed against Mayfield?

“Nonot all,” Jackson said. “He’s only playing a part because of his team. He’s just doing his thingand I only do mine — & that ’s . All of us want to succeed at the finish of your day. So absolutely, you can say that.”

Mayfield said he got to know Jackson along with his family through the 2 Heisman ceremonies and the pre-draft process.

“He is somebody who is interesting to be around and leaves it enjoyable therefore I’d assume it is exactly the same as it is coming to work every day. ”

Jackson and Mayfield are just two of the most successful quarterbacks over the previous 8 weeks. Since Week 10they all own 5-1 records, and just three quarterbacks have wins over that interval (Drew Brees, Andrew Luck along with Dak Prescott).

Over the seven weeks, Mayfield gets the NFL’s second-best passer evaluation at 115.2. He’s passed 1,581 yards, throwing 14 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

Since taking over because the Ravens’ starter in Week 1-1, Jackson has dashed to the eighth-most yards (4 66 ) from the league. He’s divided five runs of 20 yards or longer, and only Saquon Barkley along with Josh Allen have produced more.

“[Jackson] is kinda unique in the way he plays with the match, and it is a positive,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh stated. “You have to try and find specific ways to work with guys such as this. I think the coaching team in Cleveland has done a terrific job with Baker in doing exactly the exact same task.”

Andrews received a text from Mayfield this week wanting him a Merry Christmas. But Andrews knows Mayfield’s real intentions this week.

“He’SA killer,” Andrews explained. “He doesn’t fool around. He’s fully intent on ruining our season. We’ll get all set for it”

Would Andrews classify Jackson as a”killer” as well?

It’s only a bit different kind of killer,” Andrews explained. “Lamar hates to lose. He’s a guy that’s… you understand, you’re down, you’re able to rely on him, he’s going to do whatever they can to acquire — if it’s running the ball for fourth-and-inches or what not. He’S-A guy that’so going to produce the play. You watched it at the match when we were down — he makes that big play. This ’s the kind of person he could be, and that’s the kind of player he is, as well.”

This newcomer class could be the most recent in flux of quarterback talent from the NFL. The five quarterbacks drafted in the first round would be probably the most since 1999.

Jackson and Mayfield are the finest in this group, besting the likes of Sam Darnold, Allen and Josh Rosen, now they face off at a few of the important games of the last weekend of the regular season. Jackson wants to lead Baltimore for its first division title in six years, also Mayfield is wanting to lift Cleveland into its first winning regular season in 11 years.

Ravens safety Eric Weddle wouldn’t be startled to see rookie quarterbacks squaring off at such essential games going forward.

“I feel the philosophy and the match is shifting you are going to see more young quarterbacks have success early, carrying the dynamics of the things they do in college and adapt it to the machine they’re running at the NFL,” Weddle said. “Baker was talented in college. You knew once he got inside and made a few drama, ” he had been going to prosper. Lamar is getting his opportunity, and each week he’s revealing what he’s about.”


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