It’s safe to state Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson did not exchange Christmas cards that week.

Gustafsson, who’d recently flown from Sweden, was clearly agitated as he lambasted his opponent for what he regarded as ruining the plans for fans and fellow fighters.

“I’m here to struggle,” said Gustafsson before pointing to Jones. This guy is dreadful. I’m letting you know, that ’so dreadful. I’m here to struggle, it had been nothing else. But the one truth is that I ’m flexible. But now we now have friends, fans and family coming back into town and having plans and budgets. They have to reschedule and re-plan everything.

“Whatever this guy says, you are able to ’t take it serious. You are able to ’t take it serious at all. He’s only dreadful. He’so dreadful. He will eat it. He will eat everything on Saturday night. ”

In the past, Jones and Gustafsson have shared a fairly of professional competition from the time their very first bout at UFC 165 in 2013. While it infrequently became personal, Jones’ history with past drug tests failures together with the recent shake left Gustafsson in a uncharacteristically sour mood.

This was not one more evident when Gustafsson was asked point blank if he felt Jones had been a cheater.

“Yes I really do,” said Gustafssonsaid “Yes I really do. This guy is not confident. He’s got to put sh*t in his own body to be confident. This ’s how he is. ”

Jones, who bested Gustafsson in their initial bout, immediately snatched up the mike and uncorked a barrage of heated voice in his upcoming opponent over questioning his mindset heading in their struggle Saturday night.

“What’d you state concerning optimism? I’m not so confident? ” asked Jones. “I put sh*t in my entire body and making me confident? So I place a pictogram (sic) of a steroid in my entire body and which makes me [confident]? It’s pretty good for you to believe a microscopic pictogram somehow has enabled me to be more confident. I’m so glad you think that. I’m so glad you think I beat you personally and that I ’t become everything which I’ve finished due to a microscopic pictogram. You feel I beat you as of a microscopic pictogram. You feel that, huh? ”

Refusing to let Jones have the last thing, Gustafsson snapped back backagain.

“” I feel that, obviously. Illegal substances on your entire body. ”

But an unrelenting Jones lasted to his verbal attack as Gustafsson strove to speak .

“What was discovered in my body was 100-percent on the prohibited list –,” began Jones

“Now there you have it guys,” interrupted Gustafsson. “He ’s going down Saturday. ”

“You honestly think I conquer you and I beat every other 2-4 fights I’ve been against the baddest dudes in the world, due to a microscopic pictogram? ” inquired Jones

“” I really do,” reacted Gustaffson. “” I really do. ”

It took UFC President Dana White to end the bickering as he sternly asked which reporter had another question.

“The most funniest thing would be really is some one seeking to convince mepersonally, an undefeated fighter, which I’m not confident due to a pictogram,” said Jonessaid “” I feel this is really so funny that the man who lost is earning an explanation on a microscopic compound as opposed to merely saying Jon Jones’ balls is much bigger than mine and ’s why he beat me. This guy has found a way to justify why he shed. It’s pretty hilarious. So I’ve been being educated by USADA now I’m being drug tested by VADA to prove my innocence.

“So, from I know it’s like taking a grain of salt and then chopping into 4-8 million pieces. A grain of saltimagine this, also chopping it into 4-8 million pieces. This ’s why I overcome Alexandergustafsson? Are you serious? Wrap your head around what that’s. He and everybody else that I ’ve beaten previously have convinced themselves this is not the facts your looking at. 4-8 million pieces, one part of salt and that is why I nearly knocked him out in the fourth round? ”

Hearing enough, Gustafsson scooped the microphone looked to put a pin in Jones’ rant.

“nobody cares if it’s a grain of salt” said Gustafssonsaid “You’ve prohibited sh*t in your entire body …We have a struggle coming on Saturday as well as also you ’ll still possess the picogram in your physique. ”

“I’d love to provide you with one picogram back, one grain of salt back and then let’s see exactly what you do using this,” responded Jones.

“I am good. I have my balls Jon. ”

Together with both fighters , Gustafsson whined he had been more concerned with everyone that lost out on tickets in vegas and your family members who had to reroute to Las Angeles.

Outside of that, he’s joyful to finally his practical Jones.

“I’m only happy we now have a struggle on Saturday,” said Gustafssonsaid “I just feel for its fans and also the fighters’ family members arriving in and friends. But, for me personally, I’m flexible. I’m here to struggle and that I ’m so joyful using really have a struggle. It doesn’t matter if he’s got some rocket fuel or whatever. I’m going to beat him anyway on Saturday night. ”

But again, an even more irate Jones captured the microphone for a final tirade.

“You state precisely the same sh*t every meeting,” yelled Jones before transitioning to a faux-Swedish accent. “& & lsquo;I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m ready. I’m in the best shape of my life. ’ You state precisely the exact identical dry butt sh*t every single fight. That said, the sh*t until you have pumped out from your home country. Shut the f*ck up. ”

Gustafsson, eyes rolling, seemed to sweep off the comments.

“Alright. ”

The two pugilist will finally settle their differences inside The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. on Saturday.


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