Lewis Hamilton’s name success this year has procured a clean sweep for Mercedes from the turbo hybrid , and makes it the second team ever after Ferrari to have won five drivers’ and constructors’ crowns over the trot.

Wolff says the achievement is some thing that he is exceptionally proud of,” since he recalls that a congratulatory phone call from FIA president Jean Todt, who was the mastermind behind Ferrari’s success with Michael Schumacher from the 2000s.

I feel very honoured to take the club of five together with you’, and I thought’I should be the 1 feeling very honoured’,” Wolff told Motorsport.com.

“Therefore it was an incredible thing he explained. But then he phoned me back and said,’Really I have been told that people won six in a row'”

Wolff explained that attaining the tally to fit Ferrari felt incredible.

“We are very relieved with the fifth double this year as it places us on a level with Ferrari, ” the great Todt/Schumacher era,” he explained.

“which is precisely what I will remember as a’child’ — incredible! Therefore having matched that seems very humbling and I feel thankful for it”

Ferrari connections

Mercedes’ success in 2018 came after a championship conflict that led to increased tensions with Ferrari at times.

As well as controversy over a double-battery system that Ferrari was conducting, the later stages of the effort featured lots of races at which Mercedes chose to not run a wheel spacer design for fear that its rival would demonstration it.

Looking back on the edginess for their relationship, Wolff asserted that there is nothing outside of the ordinary.

“I think it’s very difficult to keep a very amicable gentleman attitude throughout the entire year when each band is obsessed with winning,” he explained.

“we are able to see that things are coming straight back into normality now, as it’s our joint platform and we need to create it function.

“We need to get a relationship to discuss things and that is the reason I believe it’s completely normal that there are times when it’s more challenging and solutions that it is straightforward.

“Those times at which we keep in touch with one another in a productive manner are very crucial for f 1, and for all of us as teams”


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