This was the infrequent perfect ending to a reddish zone drive by the Cowboys, plus it provided an answer to those individuals that have wished to watch Prescott run it again more.

From the next quarter, the Cowboys gave the chunk straight times to Ezekiel Elliott (one carry, 1 reception) to place up first-and-goal from the Tampa Bay 3. Initially down, Elliott has been stopped for no profit. On 2nd down, Amari Cooper lost 7 yards on a shovel pass. On third-and-goal from the 10, Cole Beasley picked up 8 yards on a reception.

On came Brett Maher for a 20-yard field objective.

A little over a minute later, the Cowboys were at the Buccaneers’ 4 after a Randy Gregory fumble recovery. Initially down, Prescott threw a fade pass to Noah Brown, that had three catches on the season entering the game. It dropped incomplete. On 2nd down, Prescott hit Michael Gallup with a fade chunk on the opposite side of the end zone for a touch down.

While the drive led to a touch down, it was curious to see that the Cowboys proceed with fade cries on back-to-back plays.

However, the result has been two touchdowns about three red zone trips.

That tied to the second best showing the Cowboys experienced this year in games with numerous trips inside the rival ’S-20. The only greater performance came from the 40-7 win over Jacksonville, if the Cowboys converted touchdowns about 4 of 5 red zone trips.

“Needless [it was] better than we did last week and better than we had [been doing],” Prescott said after the game. “we could start there. However, we could also receive a ton better. We are able to turn some of those field goal pushes into touchdowns. We did a much better job executing. Many of these didn’t work, and this ’s precisely how it goes. ”

Because the Cowboys turn their focus to what needs to improve for a potential playoff run, red zone productivity are on top of the list.

Maximizing possessions matters from the playoffs. Points thing from the playoffs. Opting for field goals in the red zone in the playoffs can be the big difference between going on and going home.

In the Cowboys’ most recent playoff game, Aaron Rodgers’ wizardry did them when he converted a third-and-21 pass on the game-winning drive. However, what if the Cowboys had scored touchdowns on more than a few of these four red zone trips? The Packers scored touchdowns on each of three trips inside the Cowboys’ 20.

Accordingto the ESPN Football Power Index, there is a 97 percent chance that the Cowboys will play with the Seattle Seahawks from the Wild Card round. They possess the fifth-best reddish zone defense.

If there’s grounds to play the regulars contrary to the nyc Giants on Sunday, it’so to get some reddish zone work directing in to the playoffs.

“clearly we’ve ever been struggling from the red zone just a little bit. That definitely ought to be a place of focus,” Cooper stated. &ldquo: simply attempt to do in all stages going in to the playoffs. Teams will really have the chance to game-plan. ”

Weekly before, that the Cowboys dedicated more practice time and energy to their reddish zone focus on Friday — that a total of more plays.

“I just think concentrating on executing what they do, that which we are going to perform. “& We ’ve ever been decent up until this year in the red zone. It’s not like it’s a brand new concept for people. We just aren’t doing as well as we will need to, so we’ve must discover answers to this. I think a number of this really is based on that which we give them as an agenda and them requiring much better implementation out of this. ”

The outlier has been 2015, as Tony Romo started and finished two games that season.

This year, the Cowboys’ reddish zone attack have not had Dez Bryant or Jason Witten. Bryant stayed a red zone threat with his ability to rise and over defenders on fade throws or back-shoulder throws. Witten has been a threat in the middle of the area. Even the Cowboys’ tight endings have one touchdown catch this season.

“I don’t think that is rational to use that as a thought,” Linehan said of the absences of both Bryant and Witten playing a role in the absence of achievements.

The Cowboys can look back at a few overlooked chances.

Beasley dropped a touchdown pass from the Atlanta Falcons. An under-pressure Prescott was Not Able to get the ball to a open Brown at the target line against the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving. A Prescott pass to Beasley went off the recipient ’s hands on first-and-goal from the Eagles’ 5 to Dec. 9.

Linehan did not desire “we go back ” to creep in to the players’ heads.

“I think we’t made to wipe the slate clean and move down and take up a new series of playing better down there,” Linehan said. “Because it’so like anything else — begin flying or you begin getting yourself thinking about matters which have divided before. I don’t believe that’s still always the ideal way to train and play crime. We’t certainly got to do better down there. ”

Maybe the Tampa Bay success is that the start of a fresh series the Cowboys can proceed over to the match.

“It’s essential never to overanalyze this,” Elliott stated. “It’s most vital that you give attention to what our strengths are just making sure we continue focusing on it. We simply must be certain we’re secured when we get down and really understand just how it’so important to turn out there with points. ”


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