Ryan Tannehill is expecting this Sunday’s game won’t be his final start with the Dolphins. 

DAVIE, Fla. — Ryan Tannehill stood at the lectern Wednesday wanting to sidestep questions about his rickety Miami Dolphins long run, but he had been adamant about one thing: He didn’t want this to be the end, nor did he believe it should be.

“I have a lot of belief in my own. I understand what I can bring to the table, where it’s. But, yeah, I would like to be here,” Tannehill said. “I want to finish my career like a Dolphin and win a championship . That’s what they brought me here for, and that’s what I would like to really do. ”

Dolphins coach Adam Gase is telling his players that Sunday’s match at 5-10 Buffalo matters. “88 sounds a great deal better than 7 9” could be your sell job of a coach trying to motivate his team to avoid yet another losing season.

But questions about the Dolphins’ prospective seem more meaningful than the consequence of a rather meaningless Week 17 contest, and one question seems louder than the others: Will Tannehill be making his final Dolphins start Sunday in Buffalo?

We mightn’t know the real answer until later this offseason, but it appears increasingly likely the Tannehill’s status as Miami’s undisputed QB1 will end in wintry Buffalo regardless of the game’s result.

It works at Tannehill’s prefer his head coach is maybe his biggest supporter. But over the previous week, Gase has confessed he hasn’t gotten from his QB in 2013.

“At that location, you take a lot of the bullets. Sometimes you don’t even receive most the credit whenever you might deserve it. We’ve simply been so all over the area,” Gase stated. “One match we’ll do well on crime and then we’ll only be non profit one match. That’s where it can help in the Oval position. You make an off-scheduled play you do something where it just sparks the rest of the group. Some times we’ve that and sometimes we don’t.”

Inconsistency has been a frequent theme at the Dolphins’ mediocre season, also it has been an issue at quarter back — both with Tannehill’s play with his wellbeing.

Tannehill is surely a starting-caliber NFL quarterback, and he has got the esteem of many Dolphins players, according to him receiving the Ed Courage Block Award, voted on by his own team mates. He’s missed 25 games at the previous three seasons, but those interior Miami’s locker room have admired his strength . Still, Tannehill has never proven he has got the capability to lead the Dolphins to championship emptiness in his seven years.

What to do in the QB position could be your question of this off season .

“What’s the great in wondering and pondering and wasting time considering it? It’s out of my control at the moment,” Tannehill said. “I really don’t even care what people outside this building think, frankly.”

But his $26.6 million cap hit in 2019 is what is going to make the decision harder. Substantial dead cash would be entailed if he were released.

Alternatives inclined available in the draft and free service do not seem overly exciting, but the Dolphins have deeply examined draft prospects and could hit in that area.

At an feeble QB market, Tannehill may have value at a trade. Or he can remain with Miami while the stop gap for a newcomer, such as the character Joe Flacco filled in 2013 in Baltimore. The Dolphins may have to consider an idea in which they will have a”good enough” quarter back as they contemplate taking a probability.

No matter the result Sunday at Buffalo, the Dolphins will soon have to decide whether to expand or end the Tannehill age.


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