With Clemson taking on Notre Dame at the College Football Playoff semifinal at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic (4 p.m. ET Saturday, ESPN) for a Opportunity to play at the national championship, Hopkins proudly displayed the colors that mean a lot to him.

“Born and raised at Clemson — it’s greater than the usual school, man,” Hopkins explained. “That is where my whole family resides. I love that place”

When it comes to Clemson’s match against Notre Dame,” Hopkins is unabashedly biased in his analysis.

“I think people kind of outmatch those guys, particularly in the secondary. In a large receiver group, we’ve got the best wide receivers in college. We’ve one of the greatest quarterbacks, got one of their better running backs, one of the greatest D-lines. [The Tigers are] going to be really hard to beat.”

That type of garbage talk might be bold at a standard NFL locker room made up of a wide array of players from different college football programs, in Houston, Hopkins has plenty of copy in expressing his love for the Tigers.

Along side Hopkins, quarter back Deshaun Watson, nose handle D.J. Reader and defensive end Carlos Watkins also played Clemson, together with Watson and Watkins winning a national championship at Clemson to cover the 2016 season. Reader also played baseball at Clemson and Hopkins played with basketball.

Hopkins said he had been thrilled that the nighttime that the Texans selected Watson from the 2017 draft and called Watson his beloved college football player of alltime. Obviously, the simple fact they both went to Clemson was a variable.

When asked when he had been eager to see the Clemson match, Watson was just only a bit more reserved in his fandom compared to Hopkins — but quite as convinced.

“Oh, without a doubt — make that dub, go on into this natty,” Watson explained. “Yeah, we’re going to manage business, for sure.”

Texans centre Nick Martin and recipient Can Fuller V played Notre Dame, but it doesn’t stop Hopkins from saying he’s dreaming about a blow out — at Clemson’s favor, of course.

In Terms of another playoff match, Texans Corner Back Kareem Jackson played Alabama, along with fellow corner Aaron Colvin played Oklahoma. Are there some tension between the mates within the match?

“I’m convinced it’ll get heated in such next day or two,” Colvin said with a grin. “I’m simply tellingy’all — do not sleep the Sooners.”

He had been born and raised not far from Clemson at South Carolina, however his South Carolina Gamecocks are not at the College Football Play off and will Accept Virginia on Saturday at the Belk Bowl.

So, out of the four possible options from the play offs — Clemson, Notre Dame, Alabama and Oklahoma — for Who’s Clowney rooting?

“I really don’t desire Clemson to acquire,” Clowney said, ”. “Who would I go for — Notre Dame, I guess? I really don’t even know why I would go to them — our defensive line trainer [Anthony Weaver] is out of Notre Dame, also I really don’t care for him. Alabama has won it 20,000 times. Who else — Oklahoma? Hey, go Oklahoma! I’m just joking. My team is currently at home. I will cheer on… not Clemson.”


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