In a very even final, Vipers Kristiansand defeated Storhamar hand ball Elite 31-25 to earn their second Norwegian Cup name after last season’s success.

The first half has been tight as it can capture. Storhamar hand ball Elite was usually the only carrying the lead, but Vipers would keep coming back every time. After 13 minutes, Heidi Løke set a two-goal gap for its very first time from the game (4-6), through a 7-meter shot. In the next few moments, the trained with Ole Gustav Gjeskstad found that their pace and also could tie the game and ultimately get the lead (9-8).

When Malene Aambark place the equalizer (9 9 ) in 20:25,” Gjekstad called Vipers’ original time out of the game and instructions seemed to sink in the dressed up in pink. Essential conserves by Katrine Lunde enabled the dressed up in pink to run a number fastbreaks and, which helped them reach the halftime buzzer using a +5 lead as Storhamar were unable to score on the past twenty minutes of the span 14-9.

Storhamar had the ability to reevaluate the gap in the beginning of the 2nd phase, with goals by Elise Skinnehaugen and Betina Riegelhuth, they were only one goal behind after 8 min (17-16). But when they seemed to be getting closer to step up and tie the game, that they had a few turnovers that enabled Vipers to establish a new difference. After 20 minutes, the team in Kristiansand were leading 27-19.

In spite of the undeniable fact the time was running outside to try out an epic recovery, Storhamar didn’t give up in their own hopes. While there was still time to really go to the win, a few mistakes in attack prevented them from getting any closer and also in the long run the game was 31-25 for Vipers.

One of Storharmar’s experienced players, Heidi Løke, was unquestionably unhappy, but stressed she was proud of their team’s effort: “I had an excellent feeling before the game. I knew that Vipers is an extremely strong team, they’re additionally playing great in the Champions League, so we knew it was going to be quite hard but we’d prepared great and that I think the first half has been very good, not the conclusion of the initial half maybe, but in the beginning it was very excellent. And on the second halfof when we put the defense 4-2we emphasized their players much and it was great we never gave upwhen they obtain a few objectives, is good that people don’t let them achieve 10 goals, so I’m happy with the team”.

Løke considers that once they start playing with the EHF Cup games, the team will see an addition:“The first game against them this season we didn’t play good in any way, the earned a great deal of goals at the beginning and had the lead the whole game, and we never returned in the game. But now I think that it was exciting, also for its people who live in the hallway and I think it’s pretty fine we never gave up. But I believe that when we get more international games it’s going to be helpful for the team because we didn’t have lots of these games so it will be good for uswe lost to a far superior team today”.

For Ole Gustav Gjekstad, despite the win, the team still has a few important things to improve, but this name gives them confidence searching forward: “First of I’m very with the win. I think we have a great deal of development to do regarding our match because it’s been a long time since the players have now been together, so we only had a few trainings earlier this game, but I’m happy with the outcome. The defense on the first half has been very good in addition to the goal keeper, so then we’d some fastbreaks, and which has been essential and it was the main key to win”.

Vipers Kristiansand is now looking forward to a promising engagement on the primary round of the EHF Champions League, and Gjekstad knows that there ’s room for advancement: “It’s long way , but I think we will improve through the next weeks, we will have more trainings together and we will progress than what we showed today and then I really expect that we can reach the quarterfinals in the EHFCL, and maybe more, and also to the Norwegian League…the goal will be to win what .


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