UFC 232 had a lot of those worst forms of insanity blended martial arts produces. The full event was transferred to Los Angeles on less than weekly ’s notice, leading to thousands of Las Vegas fans that were deserted. Longtime favorites B.J. Penn along with Carlos Condit continued spiraling downward. Cat Zingano shot a fur over the eyeball.

So it was refreshing, and maybe even thrilling, to bear witness into how the game could produce too. Nunes, who finished off Ronda Rousey at the blink of an eye fixed in 20-16, took down her next legend at similarly dominant trend. Both fighters largely seen as probably the most dominant forces women’therefore MMA has ever seen were barely competition because of her. Rousey: 4-8 seconds; Cyborg: 51 seconds; total period: 99 seconds. It will take this to create the bed!

That stunning achievement, coupled with a series of other notable wins like Miesha ta-te along with Valentina Shevchenko, set Nunes at the very best as the best female fighter MMA has seen, a position few might have predicted as recently as five decades ago.

Few remember it now, however when Nunes signed with the UFC at 2013, she wasn’t looked upon as an evident future champion. Though talented, she’d exhibited performances, flashing issues that were powerful. Those conflicts had contributed to losses in two of her three struggles before entering the Octagon. Within three conflicts, she neglected , finished by Cat Zingano after evaporating late.

It was then loss that Nunes transferred into American Top Team, a shift that has paid dividends by re-calibrating her style with the addition of some patience on her ferocity. Her athletic gifts had always been obvious, however once properly harnessed, they became deadly.

Still, restraining her division is a shout from confronting the fearsome Cyborg, who’d retooled her match in late years to pull on her behalf aggression in favor of a more clinical strategy. While Cyborg was known for a wild, berserker personality, she’d seemingly morphed to an individual sniper.

As it happens, Cyborg thought too much of its own size and power advantage, eschewing her recent adjustments to initiate a fire fight. It looked like she did not believe Nunes could hurt her. Cyborg has spent so much time mauling her manner through the featherweight division that perhaps she cannot be blamed for such a belief. Afterall, when is the last time she has been wobbled or hurt? The talent pool has simply not offered her many critical challenges throughout her reign of terror. Meanwhile, Nunes has been sharpening herself against the cream of the bantamweight harvest.

At a fire fight, precision and speed is what, and Nunes had it. Cyborg’so wide and long shouts were intercepted by counter fire. This is impressive. Few fighters take a feeling like Cyborg, who has had some of the most violent endings in MMA. It is perhaps not simple to execute while at her cross hairs, nonetheless Nunes had little trouble doing so.

She fell Cyborg having an overhand, then dropped her to a knee together with another seconds laterthen did it , then rocked her against the fence using a right/left combo, then put away her away with a walk-off right hand.

At the event post-fight press summit, Cyborg said her corner informed me that Nunes got lucky, punching with her eyes closed, but this is crap. (and also to Cyborg’so defense, she mentioned she had perhaps not yet rewatched the struggle therefore was going on their title ). Nunes stayed at the pocket and won and traded. She hit faster and harder, so when she’d the invincible Cyborg introuble, she was unrelenting.

“How can you refuse it? That’s what this struggle was for, to find out. But when you have a look at her resume, she’s the best ever. ”

While admittedly, major ladies ’s MMA is still fairly new, Nunes is the queen. Looking backward just a few scant years back, who saw it coming? To begin with Rousey was the gold girl, and then Holly Holm needed an instant, and then it all came back to Cyborg, and Nunes was always on the periphery, a superb fighter on the outside looking . Yet a short while after here we’re, her having conquered WMMA’s most celebrated and most dominating fighters, and maybe stealing the nighttime from the adult men ’s G.O.A.T.

So UFC 232 was something, huh? It featured lots of the hardest of MMA, however it also featured a number of the best. At the town of celebrities, Amanda Nunes shined the brightest.


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