Alexander Gustafsson waited five years for the opportunity to avenge his controversial loss to Jon Jones, but ultimately the song remained the same.

Gustafsson suffered a resounding defeat to Jones on Saturday night in the most important event of UFC 232, which took place at The Forum in Inglewood, California. While the first meeting between both light heavyweight titans in 2013 is recalled as a mythical battle of attrition that stopped in a razor thin decision for its American, the next iteration was little more than a blowout, as Jones dominated Gustafsson en path to reclaiming his UFC light heavyweight title with a lopsided third-round TKO success.

“I’m frustrated,” Gustafsson said Saturday night at UFC 232’s post-fight media summit. “Really disappointed, but it’s sport and it’SA fight. We did our best from the Octagon and this is the outcome, so I just need to go on it. Take it like a gentleman. ”

Jones bested Gustafsson from pillar to post from UFC 232’s long-awaited re-match, outstriking along with outwrestling the Swede in each of the initial two rounds before shooting Gustafsson right down into the canvas along with massaging onto a maelstrom of offense to fasten a ground-and-pound stoppage at 2:02 of their next framework. Jones ultimately outlanded Gustafsson with a perimeter of 126 into 4-8, and Gustafsson admitted then that Jones stifled his gameplan and needed him hurt over the opening trades of their fight.

“I only hurt my groin within, also Jon, he knew exactly what to do in order to stop my footwork preventing my movement along with my flow, my distance,” Gustafsson said. “Therefore he only ensured I couldn’t even proceed ahead. That has been it. He took me down and I couldn’t even get up.

“He got me very, very early in the first round, very early, and after I only power down. I wasn’t even tired. I’d my conditioning, I felt good. I felt good, and we had our everything and exchanges, but he only shut me down very soon in the initial round and that has been it, and I couldn’t proceed at all.

“I wanted to remain light, proceed around like I always do basically, however after that first exchange, I only couldn’t even follow along with my gameplan. And then I had been more in his distance and I had been working on my boxing , however, he proceeded around and I couldn’t really follow his movement. I fought his game now. ”

Losing is probably a difficult one to stomach for Gustafsson, believing that much of their previous five decades of the career was building toward a re match against Jones.

Still just 31 years old, Gustafsson confessed it’s potential he entertains up a move into the ancestral branch in the future, but for now he remains centered on procuring a fourth crack at the UFC light heavyweight name through whatever means is necessary.

“You just have to heal up from this and you then just take it from there and proceed. It’SA sport. There are times that you lose and you also win.

“I’damn glad I took the fight and I’damn glad I must fight Jon again. It’s only been a fantastic ride and I’ve ever been appreciating it, even every minute of it. This really is what it really is.

“It’s not over yet,” he added.


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