Three playoff spots up for grabs. Champions of the AFC South and the AFC North still to be determined. A struggle for first-round byes in conferences. A win-and-in”Sunday Night Football” show down between your Indianapolis Colts along with Tennessee Titans — who’ll play without starting quarter back Marcus Mariota. And plenty of draft-order shuffling to come, including the race to the No. 1 overall selection.

Week 17 is gearing up to be an exciting finale into the normal season, setting the stage for January (and February) football — and April’s draft. Here’s a tick tock of what crucial since it happens Sunday. Follow together live with us since we keep you up so far daily.

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While most of our attention today is likely to be on the playoff ramifications of every match, it’s worth mentioning that the NFL coaching carousel will start in earnest since certainly by tomorrow. A couple of head trainers might possibly be working their final games with their current franchises. A refresher about where it stands:

10 a.m. ET

We clarified the full playoff events in this post, however with three hours before initial games of the regular season’s final week kickoff, here’s a quick rundown of why the major games. Ensure to pay in. Most of the matches with playoff impact is going to be played this afternoon or tonight.

Historical window (1 p.m. ET):

Late window (4:25 p.m. ET):

Sunday Night Football (8:20 p.m. ET):


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