By Mike Smith: Gennady Golovkin remains resting up following his next contentious fight the most popular Mexican fighter Saul Canelo Alvarez around September 15. Golovkin 38-1-1, 34 KOs) is likely to return for activity in the firstquarter of 20-19, possibly against a few of the world champions. G gg wants a trilogy struggle with Alvarez (51-1-2, 35 KOs), however he’therefore are definitely going to be available to get a third struggle before possibly September of next yr.

The rematch against Canelo was really a hard one for Golovkin together with him carrying him lots of headshots. Although GGG along with his fans think he won, he’d took more punishment than he’d since his struggle Kassim Ouma at 2011. It’therefore important that Golovkin quits his second competitor in ancient 20-19. He doesn’t even need to take a lot of shots just like he did against Canelo, that was backing him up all through the struggle. It’d be a very good idea to get Golovkin perhaps not to back up when attacked, since this ’s likely what every one of the people are going to be attempting todo against him from that time. They’re going to be following Canelo’s routine that he established last September, and they’re likely to try and rear him up. The theory is Golovkin may ’t even struggle going backward. In that’s true, then Golovkin may ’t even afford to backup against anyone he faces from that point on.

Canelo’s promoters at Golden Boy Promotions are mindful that they can’t wait too long until they make the third struggle with Golovkin. In case the choice is made from Golden Boy to delay the trilogy struggle with GGG before 2020, then it would need to be seen as an effort to make sure he’SA little old until they risk letting Canelo fight him . Many boxing fans feel that GGG won both conflicts against Canelo, but had been the target of a robbery at nevada.

In surveying the middleweight division, WBA ‘routine ’ middleweight champion Rob Brant would provide Golovkin his very best chance at winning an easy title in his second fight in ancient 20-19. As I said. Canelo likely won’t even struggle Golovkin until at least September 20-19, and he mightn’t really fight him afterward. Jacobs is waiting to get a unification match against Canelo, therefore that his promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Boxing USA isn’t going to risk with him conquered by Golovkin again, although he likes to say all the time that Daniel be at GGG last year. Hearn still won’t even make the Jacobs-Golovki re match until after he gets him a struggle with Canelo. WBO champion Demetrius Andrade would be a tricky struggle for Golovkin as a result of American fighter’therefore southpaw stance, elevation and freedom Golovkin could need to work out a method of beating those advantages that Andrade has going for him. It wouldn’t even really be considered a slam dunk win for Golovkin like it was at his knock out victory over Vanes Martirosyan. Golovkin could need to figure out a method to becoming to Andrade without becoming countered by his left hand all evening.

Here would be Golovkin’s best alternatives for his second struggle in ancient 20-19:

Jermall Charlo: The World Boxing Council are seeking to take responsibility for the match making of Golovkin by ordering him to fight interim WBC champion Jermall Charlo.

Rob Brant: That really is some guy that g gg ’s trainer Abel Sanchez has spoken about like a potential for Golovkin at the firstquarter of 20-19. Brant, 28, completely dominated Murata in beating him by way of a lopsided 12 round choice. Golovkin wouldn’t even be in a position to match Brant’s no job speed, therefore he would need to get him out from there in order to prevent a grueling fight.

Saunders just tested positive for a performance enhancing substance. If GGG wants to make sure he fights only fighters having a history of testing clean, he then wants to move in another direction and perhaps not face Saunders.

Daniel Jacobs: Golovkin has defeated Jacobs, therefore there’s no more up side to confronting him at a needless re match. Jacobs will probably run from Golovkin like he did last 12 months, and try and win an ugly choice. Even if Golovkin does be at Jacobs, he’ll likely not acknowledge that he was crushed. What’s & rsquo;therefore the point at GGG fighting somebody which may simply complain later that he deserved the win. Golovkin needs to fight guys who’ll stand there and fight rather than somebody else which will be about the run like Jacobs.

Demetrius Andrade: That isn’t even a good Choice to get Golovkin. Andrade can be just actually a tall southpaw, that likes to move a lot. Golovkin might wind up having to chase Andrade around the ring as he would with Jacobs. This could a dull struggle with GGG having to pursue a guy that is just spoiling

It won’t even be though. Canelo is going to be fighting other guys for some time, and it’s uncertain whether he wants to struggle Golovkin a third time. Golovkin hurt Canelo a couple of times in their rematch past September, also he might rather not select the probability of confronting the Kazakhstan fighter another time.

Callum Smith: Transferring around super middleweight to handle WBA Super World champion Smith would be an excellent struggle for Golovkin. It’d be a risky struggle for GGG though.

Derevyanchenko isn’t even a belt holder, therefore there’so very little Golovkin will get in fighting him apart from with a fighter that will stand and trade with him.

Gilberto Ramirez: This would be a fantastic struggle if Golovkin were signed together with Top Rank. Ramirez is by using ESPN, therefore making a struggle between him and Golovkin may possibly end up being impossible unless are with ESPN.

Jose Uzcategui: Golovkin would need a fantastic pair of wheels to manage Uzcategui, who is currently more of a boxer/puncher, and also not the static slugger which has been soundly beaten by Matt Korobov at 2014. It’s a winnable struggle for Golovkin if heor even rsquo;so prepared to proceed up to 168 to manage a big guy with more hitting power than Canelo. This wouldn’t even be an easy struggle for GGG. He’d have to pursue Uzcategui if he wanted to acquire the struggle. That really is just another battle which Golovkin needs to score a knockout if he doesn’t even want to take a lot of punishment.


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