Khan (33-4, 20 KOs) is still considering his options for his next bout. While Amir would like to manage Brook to finally establish what he’s understood for quite a while about him far superior to him in the talent section he would like to dethrone the unbeaten Crawford (34-0, 25 KOs) of his World Boxing Organization 147-pound name . In case Khan wanted the fight with Crawford, he likely would have pulled the trigger fast on this matchup like he failed with an Phil Lo Greco along with Samuel Vargas struggles.

The Brook fight will always be present for Khan, but perhaps maybe not Crawford, with layouts of facing IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. (24-0, 21 KOs) in a unification fight. Crawford will probably lose to Spence as soon as the time comes for them to manage each other. Crawford is actually a fantastic welterweight, and he was thought of as the very best if he was in 135 and 140, but he’s transferred up only a little too far in weight. He’s definitely going to find out that going up in weight is a step too far. Khan, 3-1, wants to get to Crawford before he loses to Spence, because once that happens, there won’t be much need to fight .

It might go either way,” Eddie Hearn thought to IFL TV. He would like to fight Brook, but he loves the possibility to fight Crawford in America. ’ If he doesn’t fight Crawford, no one will say such a thing. No one will express, ‘You ducked Crawford. ’ Therefore I believe he needs to fight Kell Brook. ”

Hearn wants Khan to fight Brook (38-2, 26 KOs) right now, not down the road after he’s battled Crawford. Hearn doesn’t say it, but it could be that he’s feared that Khan will need a second knock out loss if he struggles Crawford, 3-1, due to his WBO name. Another loss for Khan might hurt the pay per view earnings for a fight against Brook back home in the UK. Most British boxing fans will still likely gladly buy that the Khan-Brook fight under those conditions, but there is actually a great deal fewer buys than if Khan were to only take the fight with Brook right now in their next fight in March or even April.

Hearn obviously doesn’t want to see that the PPV money dropoff by the Khan vs. Brook fight, because this ’s money that would likewise help Matchroom Boxing. It’s not merely Khan and Brook which is going to be profiting on their fight. It’s among these fights that raises all ships. Hearn can perform well, Matchroom is going to perform well, and the fighters signed together with this stable will succeed if they’re blessed enough to wind up on the undercard.

Hearn would like to raise the value of his fighters from his Matchroom pro motion, also yet another way for him to do that’s to stick as much as he could on the Khan vs. Brook undercard in 20-19. Needless to say, Hearn may ’t do this in case Khan chooses to fight Crawford, and winds up getting knocked out with him. A loss for Khan would wipe out the smile of Hearn’s face, leaving him grimacing and wondering what he could perform in order to attempt to get the British boxing fans excited for a Khan-Brook fight later.

“He can take a have a look in the Kell Brook fight afterwards [Michael] Zerafa and say‘” I will be at Kell Brook, also I will prevent him. ’ ” I think that’s exactly what Amir considers. Amir believes he’ll knock out Kell Brook, also he really believes that after the last fight. I believe it could kill him to lose to Kell Brook. I think they both would have miserable retirements if they lost this fight. It would make a horrible taste in the mouth area. That’s what makes it such a major fight. The anxiety about losing to a bloke you can’t endure,” Hearn explained.

It can help that Brook has consented to this burden re-hydration clause which Khan wants for its fight. Khan is requesting a 10 pound re-hydration limit that’ll keep Brook from to arrive over 157 pounds on the afternoon of the fight for the second day weigh in. Brook was reluctant initially to agree to this re-hydration limit, but once he realize that he wasn’t going to find the fight with Khan unless he agreedhe finally confessed it. However, Khan still hasn’t devoted into this fight despite Brook agreeing into the re-hydration limit, but obviously Kell agreeing to it really helps remove the last impediment from keeping the fight from happening. In case Khan still doesn’t want to select the fight with Brook at the moment, then ’s his decision predicated on him not being ready to produce the fight regardless of what hoops Kell jumps to attempt to make it happen.

That can be about what fight Amir Khan takes. There’s additional profit the Brook fight than the Crawford fight. It’s the fight his country wants, therefore give them,” Hearn explained.

There is certainly additional income for Khan and Brook inside them facing each other as opposed to someone else. Brook doesn’t have as much options as Khan does, because he’s big welterweight, also he’ll have trouble getting the top boxers in the 147 pound weight class to fight like Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, Keith Thurman along with Manny Pacquiao. Errol Spence wasn’t fearful to fight Brook, but ’s due to his ’s huge welterweight with major punching power. The other high welterweights aren’t as huge as Spence, plus so they understand they would have a fantastic chance of losing to Brook if he fought. The top welterweights aren’t fearful to fight Khan though, believing that he’s been pumped a range of times, also now he ’s perhaps maybe not somebody that will to rehyrate to the 170s afterwards he leaves burden. Brook needs to really help make the Khan fight happen, thanks to being the most important fight he’s got available at this time. Brook has options at 154 if he succeeds to battle the top guys in this division, but people are more demanding conflicts because he won’t have a size advantage over thoe fighters.


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