The Jaguars were only 10 minutes away from playing at the superbowl last season but were one of the most disappointing teams from the NFL at 2018. They finished 5 11, which comprised a seven-game losing series and also an embarrassing loss at Tennessee on national television in early December.

Khan reported he was not pleased for this particular season, he does value equilibrium and he still has the same faith in Coughlin,” Caldwell and Marrone he’d when he hired the trio at January 20 17.

“I informed Tom Coughlin this week that I want him to see through our shared objective of bringing in a Super Bowl title to Jacksonville,” Khan said in a statement released after Sunday’s 20-3 loss at Houston. “Given our overall body of work over the last two seasons, I agreed to Tom that I preferred entering the 2019 season with as much stability as reasonable or possible on top of our football operation. But, those conclusions, in all moments, are Tom’s conclusions, and I would respect any telephone he left in our general manager and head trainer. I’m pleased that Tom sees our situation and opportunity similarly, thus we will go back to work this week fully optimistic and confident with Dave Caldwell as our general director and Doug Marrone as our head trainer.

“I’ve the same confidence in Tom, Dave and Doug as I did up on their introduction two years ago, and I do believe our very best path forward for the moment is that your main one less tumultuous as well as striking. Stability shouldn’t be confused with pride, however. I’m far from pleased with the status quo, and while it is best to put 2018 behind us, I won’t over look how poorly we accounted to ourselves following a 3-1 beginning. There were too long Sundays on the past 3 quarters of the summer season, together with the current loss in Houston being the last case, which cannot repeat it self in 2019. That’s my opinion to our soccer individuals and players, but in addition our patrons and fans, both whom were remarkable.”

The summer season fell apart because of a ton of injuries, poor play by quarterback Blake Bortles, and a defense that hasn’t played at the elite level it did in 20 17. Injuries hit on the offensive line and tight end particularly hard. The Jaguars had only one opening-day starting offensive lineman on the field on Sunday and two of those 11 offensive starters ended up either backups or perhaps not with the team until October.

Running-back Leonard Fournette played in only eight games because of injuries and a one-game suspension for getting into a fight in a loss to Buffalo on Nov. 25. He finished using 439 yards and five touchdowns and averaged only 3.3 yards per carry. That has been a big dilemma for a team built around a power running game and play-action passing match.

Bortles regressed in 2018 after observing the very best season of his career from 20 17 and has been playing poorly that Marrone benched him and fired offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett on Nov. 26.

The Jaguars scored two offensive touchdowns in their final five matches.

The Jaguars moved 10-6, won the AFC South and made their first playoff appearance in 10 years past year old. They beat Buffalo and Pittsburgh before losing to New England in the AFC Championship Game, after which Khan gave Coughlin, Caldwell and Marrone two-year contract extensions throughout the 2021 year old. Marrone is 15 17 in his 2 seasons with the Jaguars.


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