BALTIMORE — Ravens rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson certainly knows how to answer. Subsequent to the Cleveland Browns scored a touchdown to move ahead 7-3 in the first quarter Sunday, Jackson reacted by pushing Baltimore down the area and capping it with a 25-yard run.

It ended up being a clutch move from Jackson, who kept the ball on a choice on third-and-4 and conducted up the center of the Browns’ shield untouched. This was the Ravens’ touchdown run of this season.

Jackson produced his match with either more or 50 yards running. This is the second most by a quarterback in a single season on the last five seasons (Cam Newton had nine for example games in 2017), according to ESPN Stats & Info.

Jackson added an 8-yard rushing TD in the 2nd quarter to get his first match this season.

Jackson did actually bring a third touch down when he jumped across the line and tried to reach the ball across the line, however it was overturned and ruled a fumble because it was pumped out of his hands before breaking the plane.


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