SEATTLE — Whenever the subject came up this week about the Seattle Seahawks possibly sitting several players into their regular-season finale with their play off berth already secured, trainer Pete Carroll quickly taken down it.

His stated reasoning was that maintaining momentum trumped whatever benefit there are giving a few novices a break from the Arizona Cardinals.

That momentum is present at the least paper to the Seahawks (10-6). Because while they beat the Cardinals 27-24 to some last-second Sebastian Janikowski field goal to complete the regular season with wins from six of the past seven matches , they failed with a clunker of some performance. It contained six sacks of Russell Wilson and two blocked punts that resulted in 14 points for Arizona.

Recent playoff history indicates such a performance may not matter that much, however it willn’t exactly leave anyone with a fantastic atmosphere going into next weekend’s wild-card game against Cowboys at Dallas.

This match up would happen to be set with either a Seahawks win or a Minnesota Vikings loss on Sunday. Both happened, however, Seattle’s end of that came right down to the wire, like it so often has in 2013.

If the Seahawks’ win from the Kansas City Chiefs last week revealed how high their play off ceiling might function, what did the two performances that book-ended it show? The Seahawks lost to the sanfrancisco 49ers and then needed a game-winning driveway and a 33-yard Janikowski field goal to remove the three-win Cardinals.

All’s well that ends well, right?

There’s also this: despite what’s easily assumed, teams don’t necessarily have to be playing their very best football heading right into the playoffs as a way to make a deep streak. In actuality, of the past 1-2 Super Bowl champions, seven of these lost atleast two of these final four games.


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