He was able to call “rsquo Beastin &; 25/8. &rdquo. ”

Anderson, “the greatest Fighter 1 9 ” winner, shook off a slow beginning at the opening round and won the endurance battle and There for the fight at The Forum. The judges’ scores in the main-card conflicts were 29-28 round the plank for a unanimous decision.

Latifi, a teammate of Alexander Gustafsson at Sweden, had his Very Best round at the introductory frame.

By the second he was winder, plus it was Anderson’so twist to dictate the pace. Anderson started landing big shots and moving forward, and if Latifi did land, he wasn’t able to follow up.

The last round was somewhat closer, however, Anderson was again the person who was more active, and a couple of hard drives to the face area at the last minute gave the judges a strong visual by the end.

“In the second round, every one knows that I will keep going,&rdquo. “I went straight back to my corner after the round and they said ‘give me the Corey we understand,’ and that’so everything I did so. ”


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