Ryan Hall scored the biggest victory of his mixed martial arts career on Saturday night since the descent of a legendary fighter added another gloomy chapter.

B.J. Penn, the UFC Hall of Famer and former lightweight and welterweight champion, found himself on the wrong end of a nasty heels hook throughout their fs-1 prelim opener at the Forum in Inglewood, Calif..

Enough time of this conclusion in the UFC 232 light weight bout was 2:32 of this starting round as Penn remained winless since 2010.

“Merely to vie against BJ can be just a thrilling encounter, I’ve heard much , ” he ’s one of my heroes,” Hall said. “If I will accomplish 1/10th of everything he’s realized, I’ll be grateful. ”

Hall, whose impeccable jiu-jitsu credentials include a global Jiu Jitsu Championships gold medal, spent much of the struggle off his rear after falling throwing a kick.

Perhaps not long after Hall has been awakened, he administered the heel hook using catlike quickness, shooting one, transitioning, and which makes Penn tap at the blink of an eye.

Hall has become 7-1 on his MMA career, 3-0 in the UFC, after his fifth career finish.

“Finally no one is superman but he’s equally dangerous because they come, anybody can get captured,” the modest Hall stated.

The 40-year-old Penn dropped to 16-13-2. His last victory was over Matt Hughes this year. He’s 1-8-1 since, a stretch in which he’s collaborated in three different weight classes and retired and returned twice.


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