Tampa Bay’s next head coach will probably be tasked with guiding 2015 No. 1 overall selection Jameis Winston for at least a single season. 

The Bucs surrounded Winston with enough offensive weapons to be the envy of the NFL in 2018, but struggles with consistency and turnovers compelled him to regress.

So, who if the Bucs bring in to help Winston rise into his fullest capacity? Or, how about promoting interim defensive coordinator Mark Duffner, whose protector demonstrated substantial progress when he shot over in Week seven?

As far as outside the company, sources tell ESPN the Bucs were carrying quite a long, looking at John Harbaugh until the Baltimore Ravens announced he’d go back into 20-19. Can he really be pried off? In accordance with ESPN’s Adam Schefter,”atleast one team pondering a head-coaching change is considering calling the Ravens to inquire concerning Harbaugh.”

Could general manager Jason Licht, who caused Bruce Arians in Arizona, tempt him out of retirement? Arians and Winston have a relationship which goes back many years, from when Winston attended his youth summer camps in Birmingham, Alabama.

“He’d be more interesting to trainer, ” there ’s no doubt about this,” Arians previously said of Winston. “He’s a success and also a great leader and clearly a hell of a quarterback.”

Mike McCarthy headed the Green Bay Packers to a Superbowl title, but his playcalling has been initially criticized, and Winston is not Aaron Rodgers.

Can Norv Turner, who revitalized the Carolina Panthers‘ offense this season, have ambitions to be a head coach again? Some in league circles state he is better suited as a planner, and the Bucs have a far different set of personnel on crime compared to Panthers.

Can the Bucs be inclined to take an attempt with an up-and-comer? What about John DeFilippo? . Could he be ready to be a head trainer or does he want more seasoning like a planner?

What about Eric Bieniemy, who is the offensive coordinator for your Kansas City Chiefs? Bieniemy was promoted after Matt Nagy made to coach the Chicago Bears. Between Nagy and Doug Pederson, Andy Reid disciples have had a ton of success recently and also have orchestrated quick turn arounds.

He’s been the planner of five different NFL teams since 1995.

Can the Bucs make an effort to go outside the box again like they did if they moved after Chip Kelly but rather pitched Greg Schiano? The school rankings are ripe with bright minds like Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma or even Matt Rhule at Baylor. Is Bob Stoops really done training? Would some of the coaches want to talk with a NFL team that has not been to the playoffs since 2007?

Whoever is attracted in has to take time for to know Winston and understand he still has a need to”do a lot,” and offer him a method which enables him to take risks but also affords him the option for safer, more higher-completion throws.

Some might argue that a crime like Koetter’s, which has been predicated on a sturdy vertical strike down field, vulnerable Winston’s propensity for taking too many threats. Would a safer West Coast system very similar from that which Jay Gruden works be a better fit? Giving him more balance with a stronger offensive line and ground game could help.

The Bucs’ next trainer must also deliver the type of nurturing relationship he appreciated under former coach Lovie Smith. In 2-4, Winston continues to be maturing and young as a windmill as well as an adult. Plus, Tampa Bay can’t afford nor will it stand for another off-the-field incident.

That trainer has to be stronger in areas Koetter fell short in — in-game alterations, decision making and clock management. He wants to demonstrate some hands over his locker space, too. Making DeSean Jackson a game captain 2 weeks later he requested a transaction along with griped publicly about his position isn’t doing that.

The Bucs’ second head coach should know that while he isn’t responsible for the company’s failures to make a winning product since their last playoff appearance in 2007, he’ll still bear the brunt of buffs’ long pent-up frustrations. And he needs to be OK with that until he can turn things around. There’ll also be little patience from ownership, as seen with their track record of firing coaches after only a few seasons.

The tradeoff is the sweeping changes don’t necessarily need to be made, although questions remain about how a Bucs are still inflict self-inflicted wounds. This has been something Koetter tried to undertake through the duration of his time in Tampa and made progress , but he ultimately couldn’t fix.

Winston continues to be the Bucs’ QB for now, also Licht has assembled a talented cast.

The Bucs want a trainer who is able to take them and Winston into the following level.


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