They took care of business by simply beating the Oakland Raiders 35-3 on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs finished the regular season 12-4, which ties them with the Los Angeles Chargers for best album in the division. Even the Chiefs win the tie breaker for a greater division record than that of those Chargers.

Every other AFC team has at least five losses, giving the Chiefs a first-round bye and home field advantage during the playoffs.

“Everybody is happy for each other,” tight end Travis Kelce said as a portion of his team mates wore championship championship hats at the post-game locker room. “We knocked off another goal the list. We checked off it. At the exact same time, we have our eyes on something way bigger than that “

Arrowhead has been no advantage for the Chiefs in the play. They lost their last six home games in the postseason since an overtime victory on the Pittsburgh Steelers at the 1993 playoffs.

The Chiefs had home field advantage in 1995 and 1997 but lost their divisional round playoff match each moment, first to the Indianapolis Colts and after to the Denver Broncos.

But the Chiefs will happily accept the path they’ll want to take in order to reach the superbowl. The Chiefs finished the regular season 7-1 in arrow head, the 1 loss being by one point to the Los Angeles Chargers.

“We simply felt like we’d kind of let off the accelerator there. We didn’t take good care of chances we’d. I think the people beared down onto it. It absolutely wasn’t going to take place again within their mind. It had been interesting to be around that portion of it and also feel that energy. That’s how they came out and played”

The Chiefs could have clinched the AFC West tournament by winning both of the last two matches, but lost to the Chargers and Seattle Seahawks.

That place strain over the Chiefs to overcome the Raiders. Otherwise, they’d have left the playoffs as a wildcard and play a road game next weekend.

Instead, the Chiefs won a third straight AFC West title.

“you do not see that often… It had been not hard. We faced adversity along the way but we defeated it”


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