The match was a total blow out by halftime, and also to add insult to injury, the Eagles performed several choreographed team parties following touchdowns along with turnovers — the type of meticulously planned-out parties that the have regularly done this season.

What a big difference a season makes.

The are now the team which continually finds a way to win football games. Chicago heads into its round playoff matchup against those same Eagles winners of four.

Chris, remains a staple on the Eagles’ leading seven at defensive end.

“No, it will soon be a lot of pleasure, and my folks will soon be in a position to function there. I don’t even understand if Fox is covering the match, so that I don’t even understand if my dad [football analyst Howie Long] will be there, but I understand Chris and my mom is going to be there anymore, so that is good.

“I’m happy for us and proud of him. They experienced a tough start and have fought and have a remarkably talented team. It is going to be a difficult match in your home. ”

The process of taking on the defending Super Bowl champions is definitely daunting, however, the Bears are still dripping confidently. For a team who hasn’t reached the postseason since 2010, the Bears have completed themselves such as a playoff team under head coach , that only reinforced the group ’s bond with his own decision to forgo resting starters to be able to end the Vikings’ season.

“I think in bodybuilding Nagy,” Bears defensive lineman Akiem Hicks said. “He’s been doing us right so far, going through OTAs, training camp and now in the regular season. When he feels like it’s no time for all of people to play with, we are likely to head around and play basketball.

“We’re super excited. We’re super excited to go play some fantastic football against the reigning Super Bowl champs. ”


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