Mayweather Jr. is headquartered in 50 tests while within the boxing ring, his most recent victory coming from way of 10th-round TKO against former UFC champion, Conor McGregor. Nasukawa is unbeaten in 28 kickboxing charms and four mixed martial arts competitions.

This ’s our view of the activity from our live site .

Tenshin Nasukawa begins his ring drop at 11:03 pm local time wearing a long white robe, white trunks and a gold chain around his neck. He struts down the aisle letting outside yells because he gets nearer into the squared circle. Before going into the ring he puts to a huddle with numerous associates of his team, adopting each member of the team before he waves to the audience and ultimately moves throughout the ropes.

Floyd Mayweather looks at 11:07 pm local time wearing a white mask across his mouth and nose and a dark robe. Even a DJ implores the audience to shout “TMT” if he emerges with a big entourage, among whom’s miming his entry song. Mayweather gets into the ring and circles outside Nasukawa, pulling down his hood to show a dark baseball cap together ‘USA’ clinging on front. He cried and laughs until he finally takes his robe off.

Round 1: Following the national anthems of both Japan and the U.S.A were detected the bell sounds to get the activity under way at 11:20 pm local time. Kenny Bayless is the referee for this exhibition bout.

Nasukawa and also Mayweather meet one another in the midst, with all the American projecting out lazy handson. Mayweather smiles and feints as Nasukawa looks to begin. “Money” always moves forward and grabs Nasukawa with an individual shot until knocking him down with a ideal hand one moment in to the contest. After answering a eight count, Nasukawa explodes into action, but neglects to undergo Mayweather’s defensive defense. Mayweather sends Nasukawa again for some other eight-count. He matches the picture about 10 seconds after getting back to his toes. Nasukawa’s corner throw the towel in to block the activity with roughly 40 minutes left on the clock.

Tenshin Nasukawa via TKO (corner stoppage) in R 1

Take a Look at the Mayweather vs. Nasukawa highlights beneath.


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