BALTIMORE — For the 3rd straight year, middle linebacker C.J. Mosley prearranged at the final minutes of this late December match, once the Baltimore Ravens defense required to earn an end to save this growing summer season.

After suffering a Few heartbreaking finishes, Mosley delivered the play of his Pro Bowl profession, intercepting Baker Mayfield to secure the Ravens’ 26-24 win within the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Mosley’s forced turnover with 62 minutes remaining the AFC North, validated the NFL’s top-ranked defense and offered a rebuttal to the critics social networking who state he can’t pay.

“In the close of the afternoon, you need some thing to drive youpersonally, whether it’s naysayers, whether you need to do well at something you’re good at, that you’re good at,” Mosley said. “But by the very end of the afternoon, to become amazing, you need to have some thing that drives you. Being one of the middle guys with this defense, being one of the leaders on this team, also seeking to get your team into the superbowl is always going to drive me. Only that stuff, and only stink out our locker space, that’s always fuel into the fire”

Mosley hasn’t just witnessed Baltimore’s dreadful declines in 2016 and 2017. He was near finishing off what has been some of their most painful losses in franchise history.

Back in 2016, Mosley set a winner on Antonio Brown at the goal line before the Pittsburgh Steelers broad receiver extended to get a 4-yard touchdown with 9 seconds remaining.

Last calendar year, Mosley leapt high in the air to divert Andy Dalton‘s fourth down pass but Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd grabbed the throw roughly seven metres behind Mosley and sensed a 49-yard touchdown with 44 seconds left. Baltimore’s 31-27 loss in the regular season finale knocked the Ravens from the playoffs.

On Sunday, both Mosley and the Baltimore defense faced a fourth-and-10 with just 1 minute, 6 seconds remaining. If Mayfield converted this first down, the Browns might have been in scope to get a winning field goal effort, which could end Baltimore’s play off hopes.

Mosley ensured there could be no last-gasp miracle play this time, backing up afterwards initially appearing like he was blitzing. Together with Matthew Judon putting pressure on Mayfield on to get rid of the chunk, Mosley got your hands in the air to tilt the pass and pull at the interception before hitting on the bottom.

“That’s why he’s our captain [and] ’s why he’s Pro Bowler, man,” Judon explained. “Big players make big plays. You can’t even say enough about that guy. He’s on the market and he proceeds to work, week-to-week. He doesn’t really say alot — he doesn’t really say much at all — but when we need a play we turn him back , and then he also came up with it.”

Carolina’s Luke Kuechly is another.

But Mosley had gone 22 games without an interception and five matches without breaking up a pass. Not making a direct effect in policy was the biggest knock on Mosley, who is scheduled for a free agent by the close of the growing season.

Subsequently, Mosley developed the timely stunt, which led Baltimore to the first playoff berth since 2014 and earned Mosley the possibility to crack the huddle in the celebratory lockerroom.

“For the defense, the previous couple of years were demanding,” Mosley told his team mates. “The way we fought and stayed resilient… we finished. We all want is a ticket and we all now got. it. Let’s venture out and make great”


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