MINNEAPOLIS — the ability has been there at Week 17 to get Kirk Cousins to exorcise the uncertainty that’d been flying over him all season. It was the quarter back ’s chance to show he can rise to the occasion in some point that would define the way a 2018 Minnesota Vikings will be recalled.

The very same situation that arose a couple of decades back when Cousins had been tasked with directing the Washington Redskins at a must-win game to reach the playoffs panned the specific same manner in his very first year at Minnesota: The quarter back left to recount what went wrong in a season which had so much promise but dropped by the wayside.

The disappointment was tangible; a stunned lockerroom that dropped quiet as reporters rushed through looking for responses for a missing year. The quarter back is left now to internalize why he has fought so often to win the major one, totaling a 16 record this season against playoff teams.

“” I don’t have a menu in front of me of all the tough declines,” Cousins said. It’s not going to be the last. It’s a part of the travel. You play this group long enough, you will get kicked in the teeth. It’s going to occur. Tough times don’t last. Tough people do, right? ”

The off season for this franchise will be filled with intense soul-searching, specially given the Vikings were not able to escape these franchise quarterback — the participant attracted here in order to help them get to the next level — when it mattered most.

How the Vikings left out of the 2018 season leaves tons of questions left to be replied. A number of the questions will be about if they made the perfect choice at quarterback nine months past — a determination theyrsquo;ll have to live with for the next two seasons.

No team is prepared to pay for that for one player if they don’t believe the return on investment can yield wins in big games.

Whether Cousins lived up to the financial figure attached with his status as a member of 3 2 starting NFL quarterbacks would be determined heavily how many marquee matches he managed to win, which goes beyond just having the Vikings to the playoffs, and if he in fact is the missing piece to do that team to a superbowl. But rather than coming away from the 2018 season having one marquee win, the Vikings have just embarrassing and head-scratching declines to reveal for how this utterly disappointing season churns out.

Cousins travelled 20-of-33 for 132 yards, 1 touchdown and a 79.4 passer rating in his final game of this summer season.

The quarter back ’so focus was wasn’t on the huge picture following the loss. Throughout the off season, period will allow for Cousins to think on the pros and cons of a season for a crime never found its identity and crashed and burnt in a minute that functioned as a microcosm for what went wrong in 2013.

However, Cousins’ focus is narrow. He isn’t looking at the entire range of what lies ahead.

“this really is year one,” Cousins said. “There are times in a season where I say, boy, you also give me another OTAs, another minicamp, another training camp which builds up on a library of repetitions with those guys, and receive audibles and code words and really go a bit deeper with each guy and exactly what their skill group is and exactly what they perform well, you might add layers to this crime, and I’m excited about this. ”

Why the Vikings were unable to beat winning teams is something Cousins fought to pinpoint. While the quarter back wasn’t solely responsible for his team under-achieving through the entire calendar year, the obligation which rests on him to find the job done ahead is about to intensify.

“” I don’t have a blanket answer that you say that it had been simply ‘X, Y,’” Cousins said. “I think it’s a mix of facets through a combo of matches. It’s never as straightforward as one thing to just say that is the reason. ”

The very best quarterbacks in the NFL are all judged off playoff wins.

Cousins wasted his moment to divert the uncertainty about his abilities, to climb above and keep his team. That weight on his shoulders will simply get thicker as time passes, and the further Minnesota’s quarter back neglects to complete exactly what he had been introduced forthe more this registering will encounter question.


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