Lance Palmer has long been known as an elite feather-weight however he hopes to close out 2018 using a career defining win.

On Monday night, Palmer faces Steven Siler at the finals of this first season of this Professional Fighters League together with the winner taking home $ 1million dollars. Clearly the amount of money will probably be nice however Palmer says the accomplishments he’s come up with this past year have made him feel like he’s ’s best he’s been.

“I presume with a lot to do with how active I’have been this whole year,” Palmer said when speaking to MMAWeekly. “I encounter from a wrestling foundation that thrives on momentum and using a short memory and having the ability to get in there and compete more regularly is better for me. I’m. It’s been a wonderful season and I feel like this really is right now the summit of my career as it’s the first time I’ll be in a position to earn this financial gain like that I ’t never left before.

“I’t made more this season than every year in my profession and that I ’m through the finals yet. Therefore that it ’s been a year. ”

Perhaps the biggest win of 2018 — not financially speaking — was Palmer avenging the latest loss of his livelihood into Andre Harrison.

“I was honestly delighted to fight him before the wane since I can kind of get this struggle from this way now look onto the next one, which is Siler. ”

Palmer will soon be a gigantic popular within his struggle on New Year’s Eve perhaps not only because of the record he’s collect within his livelihood but also because he holds a win over Siler in late 20 17.

With $1 million on the line, Palmer is demonstrably not looking past Siler so he anticipates a struggle however he also anticipates a leading win.

“Regardless of what happened the previous struggle with almost finishing him at the very first and almost getting a rear naked choke at the 3rd, we fought this struggle in a cigar pub fundamentally, it had been smoky in the slightest. The situation for that struggle were pretty crazy,” Palmer explained.

“Now that we’re at this time at which it’s high stakes, it’s for a title and we know each other very well. ”

While Palmer has been doing some notable things throughout his career, capping off his year with this specific expansive decoration and still another feather weight title to improve his resume is huge.

Palmer has flourished while coping together with a new team in vegas and also getting his sixth win in a row over all will put the whole featherweight branch — in most promotion — on note.

“My mentality at this time is that I ’m the very best featherweight in the world,” Palmer clarified. “I couldn’t even deny myself the notion of the after this year and hopefully being the PFL inch champ. The road that we’ve had to move to get listed here is mad. It puts you at lots of hardship and to be where I’m in the finals, it’s type of a breath of oxygen. I’ve ever been fit, I’ve ever been able to make it through those first four struggles and be accident free.

“Now I’m at the point at which I’m fighting this title against some guy who I know is tough but who I know I can overcome. I feel like that I ’m the very best featherweight in the environment. ”


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