Philipe Lins was a rising, unbeaten lightheavyweight from if he signed up with Bellator in 2014, but never got things moving in the promotion. He was let go after winning three of six struggles, and realized he had to change up things in 2018.

Alex Nicholson in PFL 4. Guaranteed to create the playoffs, Lins ceased teammate Caio Alencar along with Jared Rosholt to the same night to earn a spot in the closing.

After competing six-times under the Bellator banner between 2014 and 2017, the American Top Team heavyweight sees his PFL 1-1 million-dollar battle against Josh Copeland

“During the camp, someone may think ‘when I lose this struggle, I just lost a million dollars. So when am I going to have this opportunity ? ’ That idea came to my mind at the same point, but I immediately stopped considering it. If a fight starts I never consider money, ” I simply consider winning. After the win, you’r e relieved that you just won, and just I allow myself to consider money. ”

Lins surely could rally from back-to-back beats in Bellator in 20 17 with three notable wins this year in the PFL cage. In Octoberhe made $100,000 in 1 night with wins Alencar and Rosholt, and admits he didn’t even expect you’ll be able to turn things quickly within his life.

“s ’s better today,” Lins said. “I came a year and a half away and confronted some conflicts. I fought for Bellator, however didn’t give up. I kept moving, and now I’m being recognised after years of work. I made more money in three struggles in PFL than that I did in my whole career, therefore things have changed alot for mepersonally. ”

The money will only arrive with a win in the big apple, and “Monstro” is “very confident” which he could have his hands increased in the end against Copeland, who travelled 2-1-1 beneath the PFL banner in 2018.

“He’s pretty strong and strikes hard, moves well, but my ATT trainers and that I created a very good strategy to come out victorious in the long run. We did a very outstanding work and that I ’m very convinced. ”


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