It was evident the swimmer not only favored Parker, but he also lacked enough wisdom to be officiating in the ring. Cleary, though, that the newzealand commission is merely as in experienced with high-caliber struggles similar to this. If it wants to continue pursuing larger fights, I would indicate that it creates sure there’s an equal playing field in New Zealand for all foreign fighters. ”

Upset-minded Flores (17-2-1, 15 KOs), struggling from Rowland Heights, , traveled into Parker’s home country to battle the former (WBO) heavyweight world champion, in front of three Kiwi judges and also a brand new Zealand referee, John Conway.

“Coming into this particular fight,” Flores said, “” I was excited and prepared for the chance to fight Joseph Parker. My vision of how it might perform was nothing that I could have ever expected. I discovered Joe speaking in pre-fight interviews about hitting me in the balls or using his elbows, but I believed he was referring to his experience using Dillian Whyte, also that I never expected him to use those approaches with me personally. I’ve never been a dirty fighter, so therefore , in my training with this particular fight, getting struck in the groin area or becoming his forearm from my face wasn’t a thing which ever crossed my own mind.

“Once reading articles it is obvious to me that this is premeditated. After the fight started, the referee plainly stated that we were in Beltline and anything below that will be considered non. I noticed in the beginning that he was hitting me low and I strove to find the referee’therefore attention. I don’t remember the specific number, but it was consistent if we’d get indoors and swap. ”

From the third round, Parker (25-2, 19 KOs) unloaded a right-left combination, both certainly landing below-the-belt, lowering Flores’ hands and leaving him virtually defenseless for a devastating right that amuses him. Flores beat the count, but he recovered from the illegal blows, ending in a couple of moments after.

“I’ve been struck at the groin such as this and there is an evident welt because region. Subsequent to the referee warned him at the corner, it was already after I’d become the beneficiary of several low blows. It can be a significant problem whenever you’r e hit at that area because, emotionally, you feel as if you will need to safeguard a greater area. After that warning, then he moved directly to the well and struck me hard on the groin. I dropped my hands to cover my groin area and he struck me knocking me down with a shooter which I never recovered from. Even after the blatant low blow which knocked me down, I was shocked that the ref didn’t find it. This must have escalated to some disqualification, or purpose deduction, and also time for me to recoup. “

Conway warned Parker at last few times prior to the critical low blow combination that caused the end of the fight moments after. Conway told Parker to keep his cries higher early in the next round, halted the activity near the end of the minute when a Parker left was terribly low, again during the very first minute of the third, and then again after the 2 non blows that caused the first knockdown.

At least, Conway must have halted the actions following the first knockdown to offer Flores, by principle , up to five-minutes to recover, in addition to penalizing Parker one point. If Flores couldn’t continue the fight, it needs to have been ruled a “no competition ”. Conway told Stuff which Parker might have missed some point had been a third time, however the fourth and fourth South of the Border cries were the one-two leading into the first knockdown.

The only real statement more irrelevant compared to Parker calling the non blows “accidental ”, even as though legal cries, was his first trainer, Kevin Barry, declaring following the fight which, “He didn’t get pumped out with a body blow. ” nonetheless, Flores was merely left defenseless and dangerously vulnerable to the damaging punch which amuses him, from which he never truly regained, which resulted in the knock out.

“I heard that some people were saying this the low-blows were irrelevant, because that wasn’t the shooter that finished the fight, however ’s from individuals who’t never been knocked down and strove to get over a knockdown. I never recovered from the low blow knockdown. Joe quickly jumped on me with the shots necessary to finish the fight.

“Looking back, I might have never envisioned that he would resort to those tactics to gain the fight, and that I think this left a black mark on the sport of boxing. I was knocked out to get rid of the fight in a way which could have resulted in serious injury as a result of clear noodle neglect. ”

Even the New Zealand media understood Parker won with fighting filthy:

New Zealand Herald: “Parker yesterday evening knocked-out Flores from the third round at Christchurch’s Horncastle stadium however it came later at least two blows against his mexican american opponent, that complained bitterly about the “dirty” tacti later.

Flores beat the count but was put up on straight away by Parker who scented blood…. . ”

Material: ldquo;Parker, the former WBO world heavyweight champion of the whole world, knocked Flores down from the 3rd round with a right hand to the head which has been set up on the rear of 2 unquestionably lower shots. ”

“There will always be some controversy connected with their stoppage by Parker because it came shortly following having a low blow, the next of the brief fight, also Flores had lost his hands if Parker’s right hand knocked him into the canvas.

“…Apart from both non blows, Parker periodically held and struck Flores, that is illegal, as well as planning with elbows raised. ”

“” I discovered Joseph confessed to the low blows and which needs to be enough to improve this struggle to a ‘no competition ’,” Flores reasoned. “his excuse that, ‘& ’s up to the ref to see non blows along with his occupation to fight’ would be much similar to saying ’so around police to prevent you from stealing. I got the aid of a lot of wonderful people in New Zealand and that I was met by people at the airport that apologized for how I was abused. The greatest problem with boxing is we will need to come up with a more zero tolerance policy regarding issues with the kind. It’d be quite a good beginning with the New Zealand boxing commission to set a precedence by saying it’s not only going to tolerate deception or cheating.

“Once I pressed Joe by the close of the fight, ” I said to him, ‘Exactly what ’s upward? You realize you had been hitting me low. ’ He only mumbled and didn’t have an answer, but he’d say he’d offer me a rematch. No amount of money would ever make me a dirty fighter. Joe should appear deeply and reflect about the value of great character because, by the close of the day, which ’s what matters the most. ”

The 28-year-old Flores’ goal remains to eventually be the very first Mexican-American heavyweight champion of the Earth


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