PITTSBURGH — Steelers broad receiver Antonio Brown“went off” onto a teammate and skipped multiple meetings and clinics before and after the growing season finale from the Cincinnati Bengals, a group source confirmed to on Monday.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette first reported elected to sit outside practices following the heated dispute, and also the Steelers’ decision not to play with him from the Bengals had absolutely nothing to do with a knee injury. The analysis said Brown became”disgusted” and threw a football in anger at among his team mates during a walk-through, citing several sources.

A source told that reluctantly Ben Roethlisberger was involved in the incident with Brown, but this was not a headtohead battle, and also more of Brown flaming up like he gets in the past. The source added that it didn’t appear Brown threw a football directly at precisely the same.

Brown got angry that Roethlisberger wanted to run a hot read again throughout a walk-through, so trainers delivered another player to run the drama, a source close to the situation told ESPN Insider Adam Schefter. Brown got angry, abandoned clinic and spoke with Roethlisberger afterward, telling the quarter back that he felt under appreciated and’d problems with people within the organization, the foundation told Schefter.

Brown abandoned and wouldn’t react to this Steelers, including club president Art Rooney II, the source said.

Brown was seen talking with team mate Darrius heywardbey on Thursday at the lockerroom however was not present the rest of the week or during Monday’s departure meetings.

The Steelers did not have official comment on the matter, however coach — who said Brown missed late-week methods with an knee injury — is expected to deal with the press Wednesday due to his previously scheduled end-of-season news seminar.

A few Steelers players thought it was strange that Brown showed walked on the field pre-game in a large, multi colored coating instead of Steelers gear.

“It’s a difficult circumstances,” one player said. “It’s hard to understand what to thinkabout. This is actually the substance that is hard to deal with.”

Something was up during this week, as several coaches and players have been blunt when asked about Brown.

“I’m not likely to answer any questions about Antonio. Next,” offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner said.

Tomlin told reporters Friday that Brown was experiencing knee discomfort appearing out of this Week 16 game against the saints and might experience tests.

He has an -record six consecutive 100-catch seasons.

But Brown’s Week 17 absence punctuates a odd year for the AllPro. Brown has threatened a reporter over an account he didn’t enjoy, became incensed in the sidelines during a Week 2 loss, responded to societal networking marketing to a critique from an former Steelers employee with the line”Trade me let’s find out” and faced lawsuits over allegations he threw furniture over the 14th-floor balcony using some South Florida apartment balcony.


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