Even the Jacksonville Jaguars have notified running back Leonard Fournette that his suspension overdue last month voided the remaining promises in his four-year rookie contract, a source confirmed to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, then it was first reported by The Associated Press.

The AP’s source said the Jaguars notified Fournette of the actions weeks ago. Fournette could challenge the decision.

The fourth overall pick at the 2017 draft was suspended without cover its team’s Dec. 2 match against Indianapolis afterwards leaving the seat and engaging in a struggle with Buffalo defensive ending Shaq Lawson on Nov. 25. Fournette lost almost $100,000 in salary during the suspension. It could cost him 7.1 million more if the Jaguars decided to cut him with no guaranteed money remaining.

Fournette’s standing with the Jaguars reached a new level of unrest Sunday at the season finale in Houston after he and fellow running back T.J. Yeldon spent most of the match on the seat, appearing disinterested in anything that was happening.

Executive vice president Tom Coughlin unloaded on the 2 later Sunday’s loss to Houston in a unsolicited statement.

“these have been disrespectful, selfish and also their behaviour was unbecoming that of a professional football player.”

Yeldon, whose contract expires at March and is unlikely to return to Jacksonville, didn’t play a snap against the Texans. Carlos Hyde and David Williams combined to take the ball 12 times for 15 yards at the 20-3 loss.

The episode capped a tumultuous season for Fournette, who missed eight games because of injuries and disciplinary factors. Fournette missed six full games and half of two the others with the right hamstring injury in the first eight weeks of the season and was suspended without pay for its Dec. 2 game against Indianapolis.

There is mounting frustration within the organization about the length of Fournette’s rehabilitation from the injury, and that point off apparently influenced his conditioning. He looks heavier than he reported for training campwhen he said was down to 223 pounds — his smallest weight since his sophomore season at LSU. Throughout the Dec. 23 game against Miami, the CBS broadcast team said Fournette, who reported at 240 pounds being a rookie at 2017, told them he was at 233 pounds.

It’s unusual for a NFL player to gain weight during the season, and Fournette was unable to do much, if any, conditioning in the period he was rehabbing his injured hamstring. Nevertheless, it has been seven weeks since he came back to the line up.

Fournette was caught on video crying in a fan in the stands during the group embarrassing loss to Tennessee on Dec. 6. The movie published on TMZ.com shows Fournette yelling that he was about to”beat your bum” in an unknown fan before two different people walk up and escort Fournette a way.

Yeldon has been the Jaguars’ key straight back whilst Fournette was injured and ran for 414 yards and one touchdown in 14 games this season. He was the Jaguars’ second-leading receiver using 55 catches for 487 yards and four touchdowns.


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