TEMPE, Ariz. — The age in Arizona is over.

Even the Cardinals fired Wilks on Monday, a day later finishing 3-13 in his first season as head coach to his or her worst record in 18 decades.

Wilks, 49, has been hired Jan. 2-2 for his very first head-coaching project after a season as an defensive coordinator, but this season has been consistently turbulent.

Both the defense and offense have been one of the worst in the , and the Cardinals started the season 0-4.

The Cardinals’ first two wins came against the San Francisco 49ers, who finished 4-12, and so they beat the greenbaypackers on Dec. 2.

Wilks’ demise started with quarterback Sam Bradford’s unsuccessful play. Signed to a one-piece deal values just as much as $20 million, Bradford, who was injured for much of 20 17 but signed by Arizona as its starting quarterback roughly fourteen before the team drafted Josh Rosen 10th overall, fought throughout his short tenure as the starter, throwing for just 400 yards, two touchdowns and four interceptions in three matches. Wilks replaced Bradford with Rosen late in the fourth quarter of Week 3.

Wilks then escaped offensive coordinator Mike McCoy after having a Week 7 blowout loss to the Denver Broncos on federal television.

Neither movement helped.

The Cardinals lost to the Oakland Raiders, who arrived to the match at 1-8, in Week 11 to fall to 2-8. It was the fourth time since 1990 that the Cardinals have started a season with that record.

A week later, Arizona was dismissed by the la Chargers 45-10 — the next time it lost by that score.

Injuries did not help Wilks’ case this season. He also lost his entire projected offensive lineup by Week 14.

Through the entire year, players whined about the same mistakes happening week after week and said there have been players who did not follow training, particularly on the defensive side of the ball, which was Wilks’ specialty.


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