RedBull is changing to Honda motors a year ago as a result of its junior team’s most successful first effort with the Western manufacturer at 2018. 

Toro Rosso has traditionally used the same gearbox internals from RedBull Technology, but another casing as it has not needed to wait to finalise and sign off its gearbox and rear suspension. 

As both teams may run Honda motors next they may share a complete tail, including back suspension, plus some front suspension parts.

“We don’t even must convey between a team and the other team, or they inquire completely separately. 

“We don’t even possess that situation. Ofcourse they have a slightly different layout and we need to accommodate to each team but it’s not a big specification shift. ”

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Honda have not supplied two teams as returning to the F1 grid in 2015. 

It had been expected to have two clients in 2018, but Toro Rosso substituted McLaren because its main focus and Sauber cancelled a proposed deal in favor of an updated Ferrari partnership. 

It means that this year will probably soon be Honda’s since 2008, when it had a works outfit and its own particular B Team Super Aguri, with just 2 teams with its own motors. 

“we have double the data,” joked Tanabe of these advantages. 

“maybe not simply trackside, but on the other hand. We’ve got another team [in Red Bull], another vehicle philosophy, another method of working, notably trackside. 

&ldquoWe can get more information, more knowledge by a new team.  That’SA huge benefit for all of us. ”

When the possibility of an Red Bull-Honda alliance became acute at early 2018, it had been suggested that Tanabe would require an overarching trackside role and two independent technical directors would be delegated to the 2 teams. 

Honda motor sport manager Masashi Yamamoto said the major defect in late-2018 had simply gone to bolster its own manpower. 

“We’re growing individuals at the mill ofcourse,” he also told  And one other thing is trackside, we have to have twice as many folks as this year.  We have to get the following meeting team for your own race motors.

“Maybe for several tasks we can share between both teams, but doubling the task, so I will eliminate speciality — so having more people would be wise. ”

Daniil Kvyat, Scuderia Toro Rosso STR13

Photo by: Mark Sutton / Sutton Images