Brawn was clear that he wants closer racing, longer intriguing looking cars and also an even higher degree financial playing field for everyone involved.

While advancement on approving such radical rule changes hasn’t been fast as Brawn could have liked, he thinks that it would be erroneous to rush through all-new regulations without becoming them agreed with the competitions.

Speaking only to about future guideline changes, Brawn said: “I am satisfied with this management. I am not pleased with the pace.

“It’s been a significant challenge to move things on, but I know very well what’s happening and I can see what’s happening and I realize that if we hadn’t started this process, it surely wouldn’t have got to where we all ’t got to now.

“Obviously, I’m impatient for longer to materialize. Nevertheless, it’s a prerequisite to maintain the teams involved, to discover solutions with them, to work well with the and find solutions. I think it’s going in the perfect direction.

“I think it’s the first time Formula 1 has taken this process and can be looking at how we improve the game in most areas. We’re merely two years in this journey, but I am hopeful that we’re going to see in the upcoming couple of years that the benefits of the work we’re doing. ”

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Brawn’s character with Liberty is very different to his old time in the game, when he famously helped Benetton, and their own Brawn costume to world championship titles.

But even though there are definite frustrations with implementing what he hes to see, Brawn insists he is enjoying his position.

“In a team, you have the highs and all those races and when you’re fortunate enough to get a race it’s massive thrill. But when you eliminate a race it may be pretty [miserable ]. So this is not the same, but we’ve our own race.

“our personal race is always to enhance the cars, and enhance the game, so it’s really a more slow pace. But yes, I’m enjoying it, and I’m enjoying being part of this team and appreciating the change in Formula 1 that’s happening now.

“” I think I’ve got a fantastic few years to get where you want to go. I am able to see the leadership ’s pretty good, I will see things happening.

“As I saidI’d want these to happen more quickly but that’s not necessarily possible. It’s planning a much better way when it had been when I came. ”

Ross Brawn, Formula One Managing Director of Motorsports and Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes-AMG F1

, Running Director of Motorsports and Le Hamilton, F1

Photo by: Manuel Goria / / Sutton Images