Celtics star Kyrie Irving said Sunday he does not believe Spurs shield Marco Belinelli blatantly tried hitting him in the face when he struck both of Irving’s eyes jostling for a rebound last week.

“I make my living with my eyes,” Irving said after educating fully with the s on Sunday afternoon. “My entire body, although my eyes are just one of the main things I need to do with this game. It was bloated, and there was light sensitivity after the original hit.

“Watched it a few times, trying to work out whether it was malicious or not, but I actually don’t believe it was. Therefore I’ll let it all go. However, I got hit pretty good, also I’m only happy to get a couple of days’ rest, as well.”

The play occurred from the fourth quarter of ’s loss to San Antonio on New Year’s Eve and induced Irving to miss the s’ house wins over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday and Dallas Mavericks on Friday.

“They’re OK,” Irving said of the eyes afterwards competing in multiple shooting contests with team mates during practice. “Right eye had a scrape in it, left is only really iamed, so only kind of waiting patiently for it to kind of calm down. It will take the time, but I’ll be all set for [Monday].”

Irving said that the origin of the injury has been a combo of fighting for its loose ball and poor timing.

“I presume he got eyes pretty good because if the offensive rally came off the rim, my eyes, then that they just type of widened, and he then captured me right as I was about to go attack the basketball. Therefore I see the ball go off the rim, so my eyes widen and he comes and gets me. It is Okay.”

In other s accident information, Marcus Morris, who injured his throat against Minnesota and did not play Dallas, also practiced,” also said he”probably more than likely” will play against the Nets, as well.

“it is a lot better,” Morris explained. “I have been taking care of it the past 3 days. Motion’s better. Feels good”

s coach Brad Stevens also stated that injured center Aron Baynes, who has been out since breaking a bone in his own hand contrary to the Phoenix Suns on Dec. 19, will be re-evaluated early this week, after a firm return date is likely to be shown. For this aspect, Baynes have not engaged in any team exercises and is bound by individual conditioning.