Indianapolis Colts huge recipient T.Y. Hilton said after Saturday’s success that the clown mask he wore right into NRG Stadium wont create the trip together with his team to Arrowhead Stadium for the following round.

Hilton wore the clown mask response to comments made by Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph, who also predicted the receiver a”clown” for expression NRG Stadium was his”second home.”

Even the Eagles broke dog out masks to embrace their underdog status during last season’s Super Bowl run, but Hilton said he did not aim to earn a similar announcement together with his clown mask.

“It may be the lucky charm, but nah, it has done,” Hilton explained. As stated by “It is retired after today. … The mask is done after today. It may remain in Houston, or it may possibly return straight back again. I actually don’t know yet.”

The mask allegedly left the trip back with himas he tweeted a photo of one of the two children wearing it Sunday.

“I said, do you know exactly what, let us have a great time with it. Therefore it was something I did, I wished to enjoy it, however it’s over.

“I wanted to have pleasure. My team mates, they start looking for me for a great deal of stuff. I needed to really go out here and set the tone. I did not like to be considered a diversion. Once I got hereI wished to let them know I’m totally focused. Though I did this and said what I said, my focus is I’m here fory’all.”

The superstar recipient followed up his motivational approach with five receptions for 85 yards in the Colts’ 21-7 victory on the Texans. He explained of the coaches found the mask at a Party City, also that it was the last mask left from the store.

The Colts face the top-seeded Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday.