Premiership head Ian Ritchie has told the BBC that it really is”right and proper” to start looking into scrapping advertisements from and relegation to the Championship.

But he has rejected suggestions leading nightclubs have been”at war” with governing body the Football Union (RFU) within the problem, or that changes are impending.

The Mail on Sunday says Premiership has endangered to form its breakaway league in case the RFU refuses to end promotion and relegation.

The Mail says it’s seen board meeting moments in which club chairmen discussed that an”unregulated contest” should the RFU not support their plans.

“You would expect all boards to go over issues like Premiership promotion and relegation and we’ve been doing this for a certain time,” Ritchie told BBC Radio 5 live’s Sportsweek on Sunday.

“But to be evident also, we’ve got an eight-year agreement with the RFU.

“We’ve worked very closely in partnership with these and we haven’t put any suggestions in their mind concerning this yet, and have finalised our very own .”

The former RFU leader added:”Everything we will need to do is consider this further and it’s somewhat precipitous to express there’s a rift between us.

“We work closely in partnership plus I think that is what we’ll have to complete.

“We’ve not started to have any conversations and finalise our views on this so to imply a civil war is imminent is, frankly, ridiculous.”

Many promoted clubs have struggled to bridge the gulf between your Championship and Premiership – the 131-year-old club London Welsh lost all 22 games in 2015 and built the next year.

Last season, London Irish were relegated for the second time in three years but they’re top of the Championship after 10 games.

“All of us have views through time of promotion and relegationand what happened along with teams going down or up. But the doubt of that and how it works – we will need to consider these matters farther,” Ritchie explained.

On scrapping relegation and promotion, he said:”There are loads of models across the globe were at which it works, the being a common example. How does it utilize the economics of this match? How does it utilize the athletic aspects?

“These are complex matters and we’ve been discussing those for sometime. We are going to continue to discuss them. That is proper and right.”

In addition, he said the clubs were taking a look at international matches as a way of expanding the Premiership’s appeal – matches have already taken place inside the United States in previous seasons.

“Obviously we h to expand the Premiership worldwide. There have been gains in america and we’ve been looking very closely in the market. You’ll not rule out considering other nations too,” Ritchie explained.

“But, again, I believe it’s doors.”


Henry Winter of The Times, talking to Sportsweek

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You’ve got to have that guaranteed land factor. You cannot pull the draw bridge – which generally seems to beat the gist with the – and you cannot be completely driven by economics as it’s completely driven by economics, so people will eventually walk away.

Seven wins and 15 losses (finished 10th out of 12)

201415: London Welsh – Relegated. Lost all 22 league matches201314: – Stayed up. Three wins and 19 losses (finished 11th out of 12)2012-13: London Welsh – Relegated. Seven wins, one draw and 14 declines (finished 10th out of 12)2010 11: Exeter – Stayed up.