Despite both British outfits being amongst the most successful in F1 history, a raft of topics left them battling near the base of the grid 2018 as their rivals stepped up their own game.

Brawn, who is f 1’s managing director of motorsports, reckons that if some title-winning team like has benefited from huge stability, staffing re-shuffles in and over the past few years contributed with their woes.

still have the same people I found therein 2007 and that is more than 10 decades of stability,” Brawn told “That’s so important.

“I presume and , they went through changes and it always takes a while for those activities to settle down. They truly have been terrific teams having a fantastic historical past, but unfortunately Formula 1 isn’t a fantastic respecter of histories. It simply respects what’s happening.

“We as Formula 1 very much want the teams to receive back into a competitive position because they are wonderful teams and wonderful brands. But Formula 1 has no mercy.

“If you’re not doing a firstclass job you it’s demonstrated every Sunday or any Sunday. They’ve got capacity to get back into a competitive place, however it is really a tough job.”

Brawn also believes that a lack of equilibrium in , that lost its president Sergio Marchionne at the middle of last year, led to its collapse to secure the world championship .

“I presume there wasn’t any doubt with , the passing of had an effect.

“It was tragic in itself however, it also had an impression on this team. For a person of the calibre and standing, it’s definitely going to become considered a very destabilising situation for some time.

“But I think that they are going to have viewed exactly what they’ve learnt and Sebastian [Vettel] would consider exactly what he has done. I think there’s a solid chance they will probably be there fighting [in 2019].

“You have to check out the of a few years past to realise just how much progress they’ve made. The very fact we are discussing them coming near winning a tournament is rather a accomplishment over at which they were two or three decades back.

“It is such a enormous struggle to even win in Formula 1. But to secure a tournament is just another amount. So, you can talk about every team that will not win the championship as using its challenges.”