manager considers”English referees are unable to use VAR” while boss Mauricio Pochettino said he had been”unhappy to triumph just like this” following the system given the penalty that won the Carabao Cup semi final leg.

The single goal of this match came from the spot after referee Michael Oliver consulted with the video assistant referee to assess whether Kane had been onside before he had been fouled by goal keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga.

The VAR camera suggested Kane was onside, but revealed a screenshot of their system after the match that indicated he had been offside.

The is place to introduce the device from next season.

“We have six months to enhance the system,” Pochettino said. “There is a great deal of work to do.”

‘They have to examine the system’

The essential moment in the game came after 26 minutes after Kane conducted on to a long ball across the defence, rounded Arrizabalaga and was introduced.

After a 93-second wait, Oliver gave the penalty and Kane scored his 160th goal for .

But players – and Sarri – claimed their defenders and goalkeeper were diverted by the linesman in the build-up.

Sarri told Sky Sports:”a couple of minutes ago I watched the video from our camera. It had been. Our camera was in line with .

“Offside with the mind, the knee. Off Side. It had been really crucial the linesman continued conducting, he needed a big impact on our defenders.

“I actually don’t think English referees can make utilize of the process.

“If you are not convinced with the device, as a person you have to adhere to the ball and also at the very close of the actions pick. But the linesman stopped and didn’t follow the chunk – for our defenders it had been offside. I actually don’t know more about the goal keeper however certain that the defenders were changed.

“I think they must study the strategy.

“It’s very strange from the premierleague there isn’t VAR and in the Carabao Cup there was the system. It is rather strange for us, the players and referees.”

‘I do not like VAR – nobody really does’

Pochettino was even stronger in his criticism of this technology, regardless of the part it played in his side’s victory.

“Now we possess the benefit of it after watching the World Cup along with another league such as , I find that nobody is happy from day one they started to utilize it.

“To get the advantage is fine but I am unhappy to secure the match such as this.

“We all need to agree – the players, the training team. I watch each week and nobody is happy, the clubs and also the little clubs. If you are playing to acquire the title or maybe to stay up, nobody is happy.

“That is a fantastic case for everybody. We’ve six months to improve the device and there is lots of work to do.”