The four time Cup series champion, who is inducted in the NASCAR Hall of Fame next month, also has decided to a new multi-year bargain for being a race analyst by Fox Sports. Gordon’s first TV contract went throughout the 2018 season.

“This is a & & lsquo;nobrainer ’ for me personally, more so this time ” Gordon, 47, told I didn’t know if I was going to become any good at it, if I was going to enjoy it.

I think that it ’s a great transition out of forcing the car and that which comes along with the competition and the team work that goes into being a motorist. It’s a great transition as you assist a group of people, the rivalry will be probably yourself and trying to push yourself to get much better.

“It has some similarities for it yet without all the risk. The chance now is going on to social media after the race.

I’m loving it more than I thought I would and ’s why I’m going to keep on

Jeff Gordon

Gordon said he doesn’t obey the criticism.

“I’ve always been among my strongest critics, also I’m open and honest about things just like that,” he said. “But I’ve enjoyed it so much I was expecting Fox would want a new contract and fortunately it resolved to accomplish that.

Future job in Hendrick Motorsports

There’s been much speculation this past season whether Gordon may resign from his television role and soon transition to some greater role at the front of Hendrick Motorsports.

Gordon stated those discussions together with team owner Rick Hendrick happened before he retired and keep now but there’s no business timetable.

“I presume that there may possibly be the role in the future, I think it’s probably totally possible,” Gordon stated. “However it’s still trying to learn when that timing is going to be right for Rick and myself.

“Very frankly, we had conversations before I retired in what the upcoming few years after driving would look like and actually — he probably regrets it somewhat today — however that I needed his own advice. He thought doing television are a good thing and I would probably do a fantastic job in it.

“Now, I’m loving it more than I thought I would and ’s why I’m planning to continue on. It’s been a pretty decent balance. It offers me a great chance to act in addition to spending some time together with my family.

“rightnow , I’m pretty pleased with just how it’s.

Transition to the booth

His movement to the Fox booth furthered a career in which his affability and crossover appeal provided him numerous highprofile television and movie chances along with his own record-setting driving career.

Gordon has also benefited from dealing together with a consistent set since coming at Fox, something not always possible in broadcasting.

For Gordon’s three seasons at the broadcast booth — and again this year — he’s functioned along side play by play announcer Mike Joy and analyst and fellow Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip.

“They’ve act like family to me personally,” Gordon stated. “I’ve really enjoyed dealing together with them. I watched DW a couple of weeks ago and experienced that tiny snicker and grin on his face and I had the exact identical .

“I presume since you interact for 18 weeks and maybe not to 38, you’re eager to see another and assist one another and also have fun doing it. Even though it’s a critical job, you have to have fun doing it and Darrell has certainly taught me a lot.

“Mike is just an extraordinary professional and also I ’ve learned quite a bit . Our manufacturer really helps run the TV broadcast, however, Mike helps to run the series also then he ’s so very good at it.