OKLAHOMA CITY — Thunder centre Nerlens Noel was shot off on a stretcher mid way through the third quarter Tuesday night after his head struck the floor on a tough fall.

Noel went up to contest a dunk by Minnesota Timberwolves forwards Andrew Wiggins once he caught an elbow into the head and landed hard on his side. Since Noel hit on the floor, his mind bounced the wood off. He appeared to really go unconscious as he placed beneath the basket for all minutes, and players and Thunder medical employees accumulated around him with visible concern.

Noel was moving staff to him, and he appeared to recover awareness as he had shot off a floor on the stretcher.

A skirmish broke out a few minutes after between Thunder guard Dennis Schroder and liberally guard Jeff Teague.

Schroder was upset with Wolves players who were talking among themselves laughing while Noel was on the floor. Schroder stared at the Wolves players yelled at their own direction,”What are you laughing at?”

After play resumed, Schroder and Teague had to be split. After an overview, Schroder was called for a technical foul, while Teague received two T, leading to an automatic ejection.

The Timberwolves went onto acquire 119-117.