F1 bosses have commissioned a group of working groups evaluating several techniques to improve the standard of grand prix racing, plus one of those is that the Vehicle Performance Group that operates under Symonds’ direction.

Speaking at the 20-19 Autosport International Show,” Symonds demonstrated that using simulation to iuence circuit design is”a notion that is flying” and is being used to impact the overall layout of the Hanoi circuit to get the inaugural viet nam race in 2020.

“We’ve produced exactly what I presume may be that the world’s first overtaking simulation,” ex-Benetton, and technical chief Symonds claimed.

“It’s been extremely complex todo. To conduct a lap takes a couple of hours.

“It’s a very, very intricate simulation however, it has a suitable wake model of those cars, it discusses the outside and the tyre faculties and each of these types of things.

“We are now using that to style our new circuits and to look at several alterations.

“Vietnam, which is the very first circuit we’ve been involved in, I presume that we’ve been able to comprehend what it will take to make good racing there.

“I think Vietnam will be a great circuit. It’s got some terrific features and it is going to have a intimate racing .”

In his column, di Grassi argued that more effort should be made to ensure circuit designs foster the use of various ways round a corner as a substitute for a traditional racing lineup.

Symonds included:”Exactly what Lucas is saying is correct, there are many facets to it, however again I emphasis we’ve got to have science behind it, we’ve got to own the evidence.

“I’ve heard numerous theories how to make cars overtake — everybody saying offer them mechanical grip, you notice that one time and time again.

“The evidence is actually that in a wet race, even where you have got less grip, you get much greater racing. Thus, we’re setting the science to it today.”