Some can express the NHL All-Star uniforms are garbage and they’d be right since they will be made out of recycled sea waste.

Adidas surfaced together with the environmental group Parley for the Oceans to produce necklaces made out of upcycled marine plastic debris. The waste is made into technical fibers and woven to a sterile fabric.


Can’t get enough of the brand new @adidashockey x @parleyxxx jerseys to your 20-19 #NHLAllStar Sport, changing harmful plastics to high end sports wear!

Adidas also has made a uniform out of the identical material for the Miami Hurricanes football staff.

“The NHL is an established leader in addressing major environmental challenges and preserving the roots of our game,” Brian Jennings, NHL chief branding officer and executive vice president,” he said. “Adidas was an incredible partner in our efforts and shares our commitment to promoting sustainable business methods. Annually, the NHL All-Star Weekend functions as the opportunity to showcase innovations across all aspects of our game.”

The mostly black and black uniforms will also for the very first time include the team logos of their players on the front in the place of an NHL defense and conference logo.

The literary abilities competition is Jan. 25 in San Jose, with the four-team All-Star championship occurring another moment.