Prost, who is a special advisor to the French manufacturer, considers that the prior RedBull Racing driver will bring useful knowledge to the team.

“we’re very pleased with the drivers we’d in 2018, that’s first thing we have to say,” Prost told “We are very happy about Carlos [Sainz].

“However, for sure Daniel will give, another motivation because we don’t require that, but he’s definitely going to be quite a significant assistance to make the team even better.

“He’s going to provide us any information, he’s going to create the team in still another measurement “

Prost admits that ”missed some opportunities” in 2018, but he’s convinced that the team will create good progress next season, especially with its energy.

He states the team procured a good fourth place on earth championship despite turning its attention to prospective improvement.

“In fact when you look at each of the clubs you always have any ups and downs. We were not where we all wanted to stay the summertime, for different reasons, but we came backagain.

“The motor was a small bit better, to the chassis side there were only a couple of things where we missed some opportunities.

“However, we hed to be fourth, or the most effective after the leading three, plus also we wanted to be closer to them. It’s quite tricky to manage this, because we took a decision to prepare for second season in the ideal manner, never to develop a great deal, specially across the webpage.

“So infact we’ve done exactly what we wanted to accomplish so far. Now the alternative would be next season to be closer for the very best teams”

Prost conceded that it’s not easy to get constant advancement.

“You cannot be on an upward line such as this, there’s always some steps. Maybe we were a bit frustrated by a few races, for sure, but the great thing is the team has been able to get back to it. That is the answer I would say.

“It’s extremely difficult to make yet another step to where they have been. 1 thing that is difficult to accept sometimes is that specially and made a huge improvement with the engine. We had to proceed, and we’re really moving for next year”