S — Quarterback Andrew Luck‘s seven-year résumé features 2-1 come-from-behind successes when tracking in the fourth quarter and overtime.

But there is just one come-from-behind victory that most refer to if in regards to Luck.

It occurred Jan. 4, 2014, in Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Colts dropped behind 38-10 a few 76 seconds into the next quarter until Luck failed the near-impossible: He directed into a 45-44 victory — the ’s second-largest postseason comeback victory — by casting 443 yards and 4 touchdowns.

“You can find a few really good memories from this game,” he explained this week. “Additionally, there are also some not-so-good memories out of this game. We dug ourselves the hole.”

That’s simply Luck being Luck, maybe perhaps not needing to commend himself. What he did that Saturday night a lot more than five decades ago, was, as long-snapper Matt Overton said during the moment,”an Instant Classic.”

There are two poster-sized Sports Illustrated covers of Luck diving for a touch down dangling on the wall at work of their team’s media relations section.

“You’ve got belief and faith, and Andrew provides you hope. Any moment you out him out there, your team is now expect. I understand it had been a entire team cope, however, he gives you hope.”

From bad to worse

Pagano, according to tight end Dwayne Allen, strove to receive his players motivated by crying and cursing in them in half time, if the Colts were trailing 31-10.

It didn’t do the job.

The Colts got the ball to start the 2nd half, but their initial play of the third quarter has been Luck’s next of 3 interceptions. The Chiefs scored three plays to take the 38-10 lead.

“I gave you one of those’win one for the Gipper’ speeches and then go out and do this,” Pagano said. “Throw at the interception, and then the next thing you know we’re down 28 points. Amazing.

“I remember telling the people there isn’t really a play you are able to score 28 points onto. It’s hopeless. One play at a time, same headline. We only had a need to catch a break here or there, and we all did.”

Benefiting from momentum

The Colts got something moving if they responded to Kansas City’s score with a 10-yard Donald Brown touch down. It gave the Colts the ball in their particular 46-yard line.

“You always remember Robert Mathis’ strip-sacks as you grew up hearing them, then you get to watch them live also it helps you,” Luck said. “I keep in mind that being pretty trendy .”

The Colts managed to get a 38-24 game five plays down the road a second Brown touch down.

They knew it

It had been just like it was intended to function as Colts if Brown fumbled early in the fourth quarter, the ball bounced off center Samson Satele’s helmet and Luck grabbed it dove into the end zone from 5 yards out to trim on the Chiefs’ lead to 41-38.

“I remember turning around and watching the ball over the bottom and moving’Oh s–!’ And Andrew grabs it dives in,” left tackle Anthony Castonzo said.

Momentum was at the Colts’ favor then.

“Jump, jump and jump into the end zone and he scores,” Pagano said about Luck. “Only mad. Once that starts to happen and that momentum changes, such a thing can happen. I think that’s the place we finally caught a break and also made a few plays. Even the strip-sack, that all that stuff, you simply feel it to the side line, and you are like,’This really is going to occur, we’re going to find this thing ‘”

Just run profound

The Colts were in the huddledown 44-38, when Luck told T.Y. Hilton, that had 13 catches for 224 yards, to merely”run.”

And that’s what Hilton failed, as he got behind Kansas City’s shield for 64-yard touch down pass with 4:21 remaining that was the winning score.

“He launched it and I moved and got it,” Hilton explained. “It had been fun. It had been special. We simply never quit, never gave . It was a tough game. It had been down the whole game and then towards the conclusion, we only found a solution to get a dub.”

“you cann’t relax, especially with the game Bowe had,” Pagano said. “I only remember that feeling when it had been outside of bounds, pristine and it had been over. Everyone has been spent. Emotionally, physically.”

Subsequent to the sport

There wasn’t much to be excited about in Kansas City’s locker room.

“We had a 20-something-point lead. People were upset, mad, what happened. How it just happened .”

Players ran around observing, and some mocked the media for thinking the game was over when they dropped behind 38-10 early in the third quarter.

“As individuals you certainly can do wonders, but like a team you can make miracles happen,” Pagano said. “We left a miracle that afternoon with the second-largest come back at the history of this . It’s what we found our whole culture and foundation [on] was the process. It only solidified what we were around and just again, you love those minutes. Spending that time with an incredible come back like this.”

Kansas City Chiefs reporter Adam Teicher contributed.