This season’s rule changes will probably introduce simplified front wings and bargeboards, in addition to other minor tweaks, at a bid to make it easier for cars to check out and enhance the standard of racing.

While several top characters from teams have doubts over the impact the changes will likely make, title-winning technical boss Symonds, who currently works together with f-1 , believes these were essential.

“If we had not done anything the 2019 cars could have been even harder to follow than the 2018 cars were.

“We will need to see if we get the outcome. Don’t expect a transformational change but trust me it’d only have worse.

“What we’ve achieved are maintained the status quo and I guess actually improved things a bit”

The 2019 changes are effectively an interim measure towards f 1’s in the pipeline bigger overhaul for 2021.

1 argument is that these changes allow F1 to evaluate the success of this development management and fix it as appropriate to find the 2021 rules correctly.

Symonds stressed that the 2019 changes were”small” in comparison to what is planned for the future.

“With 2021 we’re trying to take a far more holistic approach to all,” he added.

“The aero dynamics could be the large part of it believe me it’s not every thing.

“We are looking at cost control, we’re considering some standard parts which do not become operation differentiators.

“On aerodynamic side, I have an organization doing work for me now who are actually looking in more detail at the plan of their cars purely to boost the aftermath and to allow cars supporting the top car to still have good functionality.

“It’s not likely to be perfect. You can’t alter the laws of physics, but we’ve made massive improvements from where we’ve been”

Pat Symonds talks to Stuart Codling on the Autosport Stage

Pat Symonds talks to Stuart Codling on the Autosport Stage